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TitleMass Effect D100 System
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                            Mass Effect RPG Version 1.1
Every PC starts out knowing two languages, "Galactic" and their home planet's blended language. Galactic is a common mixture o
Most PCs may choose a new language for every 10 points of Knowledge earned (Drell learn faster, Krogan slower).
Career Paths
A large majority of combat in this game involves projectile weapons. Players use their AIM score to determine hits and misses.
Item			Damage		Range		Cost
Melee Weapons
Chain attacks do not usually apply with melee (close-combat) weapons. The player attacks one adjacent target, once per combat
Use the Melee score (not AIM) to determine hits and misses. Damage is heavily influenced by the PCs Strength score. Usually, i
Every PC possesses an Omni-Tool, and it has multiple purposes. In addition to being a sub-space quantum communicator, it has t
Unlike in the Mass Effect video games, having an Omni-Tool does not automatically grant a player the ability to Bypass Compute
using the Base 40 System. How it works…
Saving Throws
Player Characters (PCs) that are looking to resist the effects of powers must make a successful roll using the Base 40 system.
The "Heroic" Player Advantage: However, when Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and/or enemies make saving throws, they usually do N
STEP #1: INITATIVE, i.e. who goes first?
The GM and one designated player for the entire party rolls a d100 to determine initiative. If the GM rolls higher, the enemy
The LIFE score & PC Death
A character heals a number of Life points equal to his Stamina score after every 6 hours of continuous, uninterrupted rest. Sa
Purchasable Items
Med-Gel	Healing Potency	Credits
Full Suit	A/S Rating	Credits	Bonuses
Head		A/S Rating	Credits	Bonuses
Class II		+5		1,000cr		Will save at -10

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