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TitleMary P. Follett: Creating Democracy, Transforming Management
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Table of Contents
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1. Introduction
2. A Childhood That Was Rarely Happy
3. ‘‘An Eager, Fearless Mind’’
4. ‘‘What Shall We Do with Our Girls?’’
5. ‘‘Very Unusual Privileges’’
6. ‘‘The Great Milepost and Turning Point’’
7. The Speaker of the House of Representatives
8. ‘‘To I. L. B.’’
9. Self-Realization and Service
10. Ward 17
11. Substitutes for the Saloon, Schools, and Suffrage
12. Private Funds for Public Purposes
13. ‘‘My Beloved Centres’’
14. The Functions, Financing, and Control of Community Centers:
Issues for the National Movement
15. The War Years
16. The New State
17. Not Neighborhood Groups but an Integrative Group Process
18. ‘‘Too Good a Joke for the World’’
19. Creative Experience
20. Professional Transition, Personal Tragedy
21. ‘‘You Have Been Extraordinarily Helpful to Executives’’
22. ‘‘I am Almost at the Same Moment Happy and Unhappy’’
23. ‘‘Prepared to Go or Stay with Equal Graciousness’’
24. Afterword
List of Abbreviations

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