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t -
We make no bones about it - our hangers are

small , and we're proud of it l They're designed with
you in mind - the dorm dweller with the study
cubic le (6 ft . x 8 ft .) w ho just can' t cope w it hout a
little bit of greenery in the room - the vi sionary
decorator who thrives on k icky new ideas li ke mini
macrame' pot hange rs between the sta i rcase railing
banisters - or the li ttle "greatgrandma" wh o f inds big
bold macrame's too large to hand le, and ju st a b it
indel icate nex t to her ruffled voi le curta ins. You, w ith .
the apartment patio , or t he fascinati ng litt le nooks in
your house, or the mobile home - you w ill love t he

Macrame ' Hangers For §_~!!i!!L_Spaces presented in thi s
book !

The hangers are, on t he average , about 30 " long,
with the sma ll est proj ec t being our " Littlest Angel"-
wh ich measures in at " 7 inches ta ll " (she hopes you ' ll

Part of the fun of making macrame' hangers be-

gins when you shop for the cord and acc~ssories which
go into the creation of your hanger. You're likely to
find your best buys in craft shops or departments, and
in macrame' specialty stores. Most of these stock a
great variety of cords, yarn, macrame' beads, metal
rings, driftwood, and even embroidery hoops. Other
stores to try are hardware and variety stores, yarn
marts, rug-making shops, and Indian or other ethnic
craft stores.

When purchasing cord, take this book with you.
It tells you how much cord to buy, and shows a photo
of the actual thickness of the cord used for each pro-
ject. The cord you buy must be exactly the same thick-
ness, or your project can become either too bulky or
too stringy. A direct result of these problems is that
you will either run out of cord too soon, or have too
much cord left over.

Though proper thickness is a must, you may su_b-
stitute cord of a similar texture if the recommended
one is not available. You may ·also choose cord of·.a
different texture to create a different mood. For ex-
ample, white seine, colored yarn, and colored synthet-
ic cords can give a casual appearance; rattail or multiple-
ply satin cord can combine with traditional or formfll
settings; and metallic gold or silver cord can be made
into worthy holiday decorations.

If the right coior of cord is not available, you can
always dye any white or natural cord according to the
instructions on page 4.

Should you be unable to find the beads you

u r
have room for her on your Christmas tree). A mong
the usua l offerings of assorted pot hangers f or plant
lovers are such unusual p roj ects as a macrame' bi rd
bath for indoor or outdoor use . For less tha n large
deco ratin g needs, there are ornamental wall hangers
in color-r ich jute to enliven an uninterestin g wa ll. A nd
because these projects are on t he small side, they do
away with t he entangling difficulties - and expense -
of working w ith huge bundles of co rd .

I f a li ttle bi t of ski ll in the way of k notting is all
you ca n boast of, you ca n stil l have a hanger to show
off your hand iwo rk . All you need is an ounce of in -
centive (say in the form of a prec ious I itt le plant y ou
love) plus the instruct ions and l<not Index on page 22
to make a sma ll but smashing hanger that wil l fi t
most anywhere in your home -and not stretch your
ta lents t o the breaking poin t to make it!

wa.nt, make some of bread dough. To make, remove
crust from 3 slices of white bread, tear bread into tiny
bits and mix well with 3 tbsp. of white glue and 3
drops of glycerin. Shape, air dry, then paint.

IMPORTANT: If hanger with live plant is going
to be used inside, put a cork in the drain hole even if
using a pre-potted plant. Pots are availablf] at pottery
shacks, nurseries, patio shops, and at some depart-
ment stores and occasionally at supermarkets.

Filling the pots should be no problem, what with
the current popularity of house plants. Your healthiest
varieties are at nurseries, indoor plant stores, and at a
florist's; many plants are also available at local super-
markets. Some alternatives to potted house plants are
natural herbs, bouquets of dried materials, or air fern.

So when you shop, let it be a creative experience
which will ultimately reward ·you with a hanger
customized to your home, and to your own, very
personal, taste.

Before you begin these projects, see the Knot

Index on ~ page 22, a·nd practice making the knots that
are new to you. ,

When you are ready to make a hanger, DO NOT
on every black and white photo of a project. To use.
the gauge, note whether your project is the same
length at specified checkpoints - 4", 8", and 12" -
as the model in the book. (The length of a project is
measured when it is hanging wit!J.out a pot in it.) You
must adjust your work as soon as possible if you ex~
pect to have a hanger of the prop~r length.

©Cra ft Cou rse Pu bl ishers, Inc .• 1975

Rosemea d , Californi a Al l R ights Reserved
Printed in the United States of ft,merica

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LITTLEST Aner L . . .
(Continued from page 16)

7. Repeat step 6 for the left wing, working from
right to left this time, and reverging the numbering and
angling technique accordingly.

8. Using one long cord from each arm, thread
thru the loop of the bell (from back to frollt) and tie
one square knot behind the bell, using the six re-
maining cords from arms as fillers. Trim the six filler
cords to 1 %", for a fringe in back of the bell .

9. Tie the remaining long arm cords in one square
knot around the four body cords. Slide knot tigh~
against the last knot from the body.

10. Using the two cords from the outside of each
wing, as knotting cords, tie one square knot tightly
around the twenty-six remaining cords. (If the knotting
cords have a tendancy to slip, tie an overhand knot at
each side close to the square knot.) Pull all ends to
tighten the cords leaving no space between the wings
and knot. This will bring the body and. wings into

11. For the skirt length, measure 3Y2" · from the
last square knot and tie an overhand knot in each re-
maining cord. Cut fringe %" below this knot.

12. HANGER : Using a piece of scrap cord, tie a
loop around the ring between the two center Lark's
heads. Secure with an overhand knot and trim ends. •

(Continued from page 10)

11. For sections 2 ard 4, skip down %" and tie
two square knots having two filler cords. Skip down 1"
and tie two more square knots.

12. Leaving cords 1 ,2, 19, and 20 free, skip down
%'' and tie .a row of alternatin9 square knots. Skip
down %" and tie another row of alternating square
knots, adding the cords (2, 19, and 20.

13. To form the basket
shown in Fig. A, skip down
1 %" and bring cords 1-2 and
19-20 together and tie two
square knots having two filler

14. Tie five rows of al -
ternating square knots, which
will complete the basket be-
gun in step 1 ~- Leave 1" be-
tween the first two rows, %"
between the next row and
%" between the last two rows.

15. Bring all cords to-
gether and tie one large over-
hand knot under the last row. Fig. A Illustrat ion of basket .


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