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Ken J. Good has been actively involved
with Law Enforcement and Military
training for the past 30 years.

Mr. Good is a published author and is regularly a guest instructor at a variety of
well-known industry schools, seminars, and training venues.

Mr. Good started his professional at arms experience by graduating as the honor graduate of Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL
Training (BUD/S) class #105, Dec, 7th, 1979.

He served the remainder of his active-duty with SEAL Team One. There he was a Scout/Sniper instructor, small unit tactics
instructor and worked extensively with small arms as an ordnance department representative and platoon armorer.

After his active-duty, Mr. Good later directed a Physical Security program for the Pacific Fleet for nearly a decade that included a
variety of programs including an emergent reality-based training program, challenging small arms courses and other security and
anti-terrorist related curriculums. Civilian Law Enforcement personnel started gravitating toward this training at this location and
the connectivity with Law Enforcement began.

Mr. Good received numerous awards and letters of commendation for his work at Fleet Training Center, San Diego. From there, Mr.
Good co-founded a small, highly progressive training company in the mid-1980s called, Combative Concepts Inc.

He then became the founding director of a well-known Low-Light Training Institution.
During his tenure there, Mr. Good directed the activities of a highly qualified staff that
pushed forward and codified low-light strategies as they related to high-risk entry
work and general patrol operations. The staff was closely involved with product
development and served to form a living bridge between the engineering staff and
operational realities.

Progessive Combat Solutions LLC was started to push the envelope outward in an
never-ending quest to bring relevant low-light concepts and practical training to
those who go in harms way.

Mr. Good has also stood up Night Reaper Systems LLC to design, manufacture and
distribute leading-edge illumination tools.

Tactical Training:
Illumination Tools:





About the Author:

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Chapman Technique

The flashlight is held in a sword grip, but only with thumb and forefinger. Thumb or one finger operates the on/off (or momentary) switch. The
other three fingers of the flashlight hand wrap around the gripping fingers of the weapon hand, in an approximation of a regular two-hand handgun
grip, and arms provide stabilizing isometric tension.

Named for Ray Chapman, founder of the Chapman Academy and world-class shooter. This technique was
perhaps the second formally taught and recognized technique. It is also credited to Bill Rogers, and is sometimes identified as the
Chapman/Rogers technique.

· Works with small or large flashlights.
· Keeps flashlight beam automatically aligned with weapon barrel.
· Enables steadier, two-hand support of weapon prior to shooting.

· Works only with side-switch flashlights.
· Difficult to perform for those with small hands or with a heavy flashlight.
· User may suffer beam/grip displacement during discharge of weapon.
· Fatiguing if performed steadily for more than a few moments, especially with large flashlights.
· Proximity of hands increases chance of sympathetic contraction and hand confusion.
· Weapon can bang into flashlight during hasty execution.
· Difficult to use with injured hand or arm.
· Attempted alignment of flashlight beam with target can alter alignment of weapon with target (& vice versa).
· Light is located center of mass. If unseen threat(s) engage the light, your body is directly in the line of return fire.





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An Opportunity

Quite simpy we make some cool stuff.

If you are member of the Miltary or Law Enforcement Communities we would love to provide
you with Tactial Training and Illumination Tools as required.

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Serious Illumination Tools
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