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daily Monday to Saturday to Melipeuco (CH$1700), less on Sunday, and
one direct departure Monday to Saturday to the park entrance itself
(CH$3000, three hours).

045 / POP 39,727

Unlike Pucón, its wild neighbor across windswept Lago Villarrica,
Villarrica is a real living, breathing Chilean town. While not as charming,
it’s more down to earth than Pucón, lacks the bedlam associated with
package tour caravans, and has more reasonable prices and a faded-
resort glory that attracts travelers of a certain lax disposition.
The new (lakeshore road), rebuilt after the 2010 Concepción

earthquake, makes for a nice walk and Villarrica’s grassy lawn-cum-
beach is more pleasant than it sounds. Considering you can book all the
same activities here as Pucón, it makes for an agreeable alternative if
that’s what you’re looking for.

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Sights 1 Museo Histórico y Arqueológico C3

Sleeping 2Hostal Don Juan B3
3 Hostería Huequimey
4 La Torre Suiza

Eating 5Café Bar 2001 C1
6Caramel C2

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Santiago, Middle Chile Based in Buenos Aires, Bridget was just starting
out as a travel writer when her sister fell in love with a Chilean. She’s
been crossing the Andes ever since to visit the Santiago branch of the
family, learning how to mix the perfect pisco sour and negotiate the price
of fresh (razor clams) along the way. She writes about Latin
American food, wine and travel for Lonely Planet, , ,
Jetsetter and BBC Travel.

Norte Grande, Norte Chico While growing up in Croatia, New York–based
Anja Mutić had a deep fascination with the ancient civilizations of South
America. The appeal grew even more when she first visited the continent
in 2001. She has since been returning regularly, for work and for play. On
the last two-month jaunt around Chile, she was consistently rained out in
the Atacama, said to be the driest desert in the world.

Sur Chico, Chiloé Kevin Raub grew up in Atlanta and started his career
as a music journalist in New York, working for and

magazines. The rock ’n’ roll lifestyle took its toll, so he needed an
extended vacation and took up travel writing while ditching the States for
Brazil. Despite a dog chewing off a corner of his rental car license plate in
Chile, he survived unscathed on this, his second time through Sur Chico
and Chiloé. This is Kevin’s 19th Lonely Planet guide. You can find him at

Grant Phelps trained in the art of winemaking in his native New Zealand
and embarked on a 10-year career as a ‘flying winemaker’, working
harvests in seven different countries before experiencing a wine-fuelled
epiphany in Chile. Now resident in Valparaíso, he has been making wine
in Chile for 12 years and is currently chief winemaker for Viña Casas del
Bosque, in the Casablanca Valley.

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