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Chris. Forget it."

Chris frowned, shrugged, then turned back to Sean. "So there's this new
group, Cholera, right, and they've got this new album…"

"Somebody did move my car," Cassie offered tentatively.

"He did it," Laurel said. "He just doesn't have a very good memory for reality.
He knows a lot about music, though."

Sean, Cassie noticed, was a different boy in here than he'd been by the
lockers. He was excessively polite, seeming eager to please, and frequently
offering to get things for the girls. They treated him like a slightly annoying little
brother. He and Laurel were the only juniors besides Cassie.

They'd been eating just a few minutes when a strawberry-blond head appeared
in the doorway. Suzan looked cross.

"Deborah's got a lunch detention and Faye's off doing something, so I'm
eating in here," she announced.

Diana looked up. "Fine," she said evenly, then added, "This is my friend
Cassie, Suzan. Cassie, this is Suzan Whittier."

"Hi," Cassie said, trying to sound casual.

There was a moment of tension. Then Suzan rolled her china-blue eyes. "Hi,"
she said finally, and immediately sat down and began removing things from her
lunch sack.

Cassie looked at Suzan unloading her lunch, then threw a quick glance over at
Laurel. Then she looked at Diana and raised her eyebrows questioningly.

She heard the crinkle of plastic as Suzan produced the last item from her bag;
then a piercing shriek from Laurel.

"Oh, my God—you're still eating those! Do you know what's in those
things, Suzan? Beef fat, lard, palm oil—and it's about fifty percent white

Diana was biting her lip and Cassie was shaking silently, trying to keep a
straight face. Finally it was too much, and she had to let the giggles escape. As
soon as she did Diana burst into laughter too.

Page 200

There something strange going on, something stranger than any of them
realized, Cassie thought. "What is that thing back there, with the iron door?" she

"It's been there for as long as I can remember," Diana said absently.
"Something to do with storage, I think."

Cassie glanced back, but by now the mound was lost in darkness. She hugged
herself, tucking her hands under her clasping arms to warm them. Her heart was
still thudding.

I'll ask Grandma Howard about it, she decided. Whatever it was, it wasn't a
storage shed.

Then she noticed that Diana was toying with something around her neck as
she walked, lost in thought. It was a fine golden chain, and at the end of it
dangled a key.

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