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Living with Kidney Failure (8th edition).
Kidney Health Australia, Melbourne, 2013.

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Chapter Eight

Common kidney
disease symptoms
and management

idney disease can
affect many aspects
of your health. These

complications may be caused
either by kidney disease itself, or
by its treatment (e.g., side-effects
of medications). Issues such as
cardiovascular disease (Chapter
9) and sexuality and fertility
(Chapter 12) are covered in
separate chapters. This chapter
looks at common symptoms
of reduced kidney function
(presented in alphabetical
order), outlines some possible
causes, and discusses
commonly used treatments.

Increasing your awareness about these possible
symptoms/complications of kidney disease can help, as some of these
complications can be prevented or reduced by acting early. Treatments
are available for most of these symptoms, so don’t hesitate to talk to your
health care team if you notice any changes in your body.


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