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Living well
with myeloma
Your Essential Guide


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Myeloma Infoline: 0800 980 3332 or
1800 937 773 from Ireland

This Infoguide has been made possible thanks to the generosity
of Myeloma UK supporters.

To find out how you can support our vital work call 0131 557 3332
or email [email protected]

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sensations of heat, cold, vibration
and tingling on the skin. You can
be fully dressed while receiving
reiki healing.

Visualisation involves the use of
mental imagery while you are in a
state of meditation or relaxation.
It may be used as a relaxation
tool or to reduce stress and
anxiety. Picturing yourself within
a peaceful scene can encourage
you to feel more relaxed. Other
forms of visualisation are more
closely linked to the symptoms
of illness; some patients imagine
their immune system destroying
the myeloma cells or visualise
their blood counts coming up.

If you are thinking of using any of
these therapies, you should look
for a qualified, registered therapist
who has experience of treating
cancer patients. The Institute for
Complementary Medicine can be
contacted for a list of registered
practitioners in your area.
Their contact details are in the
Further information and useful
organisations section on page 61
or simply ask your therapist about
their qualifications and previous
experience. Many cancer centres
offer complementary therapies
(but not always free of charge)
or can give you contact details of
services available locally.

Again, it is important that you
always tell your doctor about any
complementary therapies you are

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Infoline: 0800 980 3332 43

Carer concerns

A diagnosis of myeloma will affect more than just
the patient. Caring for someone with myeloma can
be challenging and unpredictable and ensuring that
carers get the support they need is critically important.

Being told someone you know
has myeloma
When you are told that a relative
or friend has myeloma you
may feel shocked, upset and
worried because the future is
now uncertain. You may feel
you need to put on a brave face
and disguise your feelings, but
being honest about how you feel
will help future communication
between you and the patient.

You may not think of yourself as
a carer because caring for
someone you love is second
nature, or a family duty. However,
in many ways becoming a carer
is like a new job; it may require
learning new skills, dealing with a
change in established roles, and
tackling demanding tasks.

You will probably have a lot of
questions – ask the patient’s
healthcare team if you can talk
to them about what to expect,
or call the Myeloma Infoline on
0800 980 3332 or 1800 937 773
from Ireland to talk to a Myeloma
Information Specialist.

Getting information
Although most of the attention
from medical staff is focused on
the patient, remember that you
are an important part of the team.
You can ask questions about the
things you want to know.

Sometimes there are questions
the patient might not want to
ask, or to know the answer to.
These may be questions about
what is likely to happen, or what
plans to make. It may be difficult
to ask these questions in front

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Published by: Myeloma UK
Publication date: December 2016
Last updated: December 2016
Review date: December 2018

All Myeloma UK publications are extensively reviewed by patients
and healthcare professionals prior to publication.

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Myeloma UK 22 Logie Mill, Beaverbank Business Park, Edinburgh EH7 4HG
T: 0131 557 3332 E: [email protected] Charity No: SC 026116

Myeloma Infoline: 0800 980 3332 or
1800 937 773 from Ireland

Myeloma Awareness Week 21 - 27 June

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