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Manchester City Council Item 5
Health Scrutiny Committee 18 July 2013


Manchester City Council
Report for Information

Report to: Health Scrutiny Committee – 18 July 2013

Subject: Living longer, living better strategic outline case

Report of: Liz Bruce, Strategic Director: Families, Health and Wellbeing


Following the requirements of the Health and Wellbeing Board set out at its meeting
on 20 March 2013, seven NHS organisations and the City Council, have prepared a
strategic outline case setting out key elements of future arrangements for integrated
(better co-ordinated) care for all Manchester citizens.

The strategic outline case details significant progress in areas which are critical to the
future development of integrated care, namely the target population, the care models,
and the contracting and funding arrangements (part A). It also summarises further
work undertaken, and planned, in a range of other important workstreams of the
integrated care programme (part B).


Members of the Health Scrutiny Committee are asked to note the contents of the

Wards Affected:


Contact Officers:
Name: Liz Bruce
Position: Strategic Director: Families, Health and Wellbeing
Telephone: 0161 234 3952
E-mail: [email protected]

Name: David Regan
Position: Director of Public Health
Telephone: 0161 234 3981
E-mail: [email protected]
Background documents (available for public inspection):

‘Living Longer and Living Better: An Integrated Care Blueprint for Manchester’, report
to the Manchester Health and Wellbeing Board, 20 March 2013

Page 138

Manchester City Council Appendix B8 – Part B - Item 5
Health Scrutiny Committee 18 July 2013


Appendix B7 – Abbreviations

Abbreviation Meaning
ADASS Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
CCG Clinical commissioning group
CHP Community Health Partnerships

CMCCG Central Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group
EMIS Egton Medical Information Systems
eWIN Electronic Workforce Information Network
DN Drafting note
GP General practitioner
HEE Health Education England

IG Information governance
IM&T Information management and technology
IT Information technology
LETB Local Education and Training Board
LIFT Local Investment Finance Trust
LTC Long-term condition
MCC Manchester City Council

MMHSCT Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust
NHS National Health Service
NHSPS National Health Service Property Services Ltd
NMCCG North Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group
NMDS-SC National Minimum Data Set – Social Care
NWAS North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Org. Organisation
PAHT Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
PCT Primary Care Trust
SHA Strategic health authority
SLA Service level agreement
SMCCG South Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group

UK United Kingdom

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