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Appendix D: Interview Questions

1. Who are you? How do you identify? How do you identify in relationship to colonialism

in Canada?

2. How did you come to be involved in anti-colonial activism and/or decolonization work?

Possible follow-up questions:
• How long have you been engaged in this work? What were some pivotal or

epiphanal moments or experiences in your life that led you to engage with
anti-colonial activism or decolonization work?

• Why are you engaging in this work? Who is it for? Why is it important to

• For those involved for a long time, why are you still involved?

3. Please describe the anti-colonial activism and/or decolonization work you have been
involved in.

Possible follow-up questions:
• What are the elements or strategies involved in your work?
• Why have you chosen these ways in which to engage in the work?
• How do these ways reflect your personality, gifts, skills, and perspectives?
• How do these ways reflect your own comfort zone and how might they be

related to potential vulnerability and control?
• What initiatives have you been involved in that have been particularly

successful? What do you think made them successful?
• What are the key things you’ve learned about what works and what doesn’t

work from your perspective and from what has been shared with you by

• Please describe times that you feel you have messed up in your anti-colonial
and/or decolonial work.

• What are the limits of how far you will go and how much of your material
base you will give up for the work (examples:, giving up time, money, land,
going to prison, risking your physical self)?

• What do you think will come out of your anti-colonial and decolonizing

• Based on your experience, what are good ways to build effective bridges,
connections, and relationships; operate collectively as white peoples (our side
of treaty); engage a greater number of white peoples; and create conditions
whereby white folks will be better able and willing to deepen their
understanding and activism?

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