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GradPad Living Guide i

A Handbook
for Residents


Living Guide

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GradPad Living Guide 1

Welcome to your new home at Wood Lane Studios.

As Residence Manager I am responsible for the management

and operation of the property. Both my team and I work hard to

ensure that the site runs smoothly and that the Wood Lane Studios’

community is supported and comfortable.

We want to ensure that your time here is an enjoyable experience so

please do make the most of the facilities and let us know if you have

any queries or experience any problems. Please do get in touch if

you have any comments or suggestions on how we could improve our services – any

feedback is greatly appreciated.

From time to time we will need to contact you. We find that the most effective way

to communicate new information to residents is by email, so please do let us know if

the email address and telephone number you supplied us with at the time of booking

has changed so we can update our records. Information will also be displayed on the

noticeboard adjacent to the communal lounge, the Wood Lane Studios Facebook

page and on the Wood Lane Studios StudentCom page.

If you require assistance or information during your stay please do not hesitate to

contact a member of the Wood Lane Studios Team and we will be pleased to help.

Peter, Residence Manager

[email protected]



Your studio apartment 4

A - C 5

D - G 7

H - I 9

L - M 10

N - Q 12

R - S 13

T - U 14

Windows 15
Electrical Safety 15

Fire safety 15

Personal safety 16

First aid on site 17

NHS 111 service 17

Reception 18
Resident liaison representatives 18
Health and medical arrangements 18
University support and welfare 18

Shopping 19

Supermarket 19

Bars, pubs and restaurants 19

Cash machine and ATMs 20

Sports facilities 20

Transport links 21

Cycling 21

Parking 21


Welcome to your
new GradPad home

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GradPad Living Guide 98 GradPad Living Guide

You can host up to three ‘daytime guests’ at any one time. Daytime guests who are
under the age of 7 years old may remain on the premises for a maximum of 2 hours. Any

guest who is still on the premises after 23.00 will be considered an ‘overnight guest’
and must be registered as such. You may have up to two guests to stay overnight in your

accommodation for a maximum of 14 nights in any calendar month. These 14 nights can

be used consecutively if you wish. The Accommodation Team must be informed of all

overnight guests to ensure that they can be accounted for in the event of an emergency

evacuation. All overnight guests must be aged 18+ years old and must be signed in at

Reception with photographic ID. Please see your Licence Agreement or ask a member of

the Accommodation Team for further information.

An on-site gym is available for Wood Lane Studio residents. There is a range of equipment

available including treadmills, cycling machines, elliptical trainers, Concept 2 rowing

machines, a functional trainer and free weights.

The gym is situated on the ground floor of

Block A, just near the communal lounge.

To gain initial access to the Gym facility, you

will need to complete a short induction with

one of our qualified trainers and a Health

Commitment Statement (HCS), please ask

at reception for more information. After you

have completed the induction your fob will

be activated to permit access to the gym

facilities. Contact [email protected] for more information.

If you injure yourself whilst working out please contact the Accommodation Team

immediately. There is a panic button located near the door that is linked to the Reception.

If there is an accident or emergency please press the button and wait for a member of the

Accommodation Team to arrive.

Please do not bring your own equipment to the gym, and remember to always wear

appropriate clothing! Filtered water is provided in the gym - please bring your

own water bottle to fill up. Guests are not allowed to use the gym,

The heating system at Wood Lane Studios is governed by the outside

temperature - the warmer it is outside, the less heat will be emitted from the

radiators. Individual radiators can be turned on/off and adjusted within your

studio. To manually adjust the radiator, use the valve located at the bottom left

of the radiator - turn it clockwise to increase the temperature and anti-clockwise

to reduce the temperature.

The temperature in all communal areas is controlled by the Accommodation

Team in order to maintain a comfortable and ambient environment. However,

there are individually controlled windows in the communal lounge that can be

controlled by residents.

During your stay we will clean the communal areas of the building daily. Your

studio will be your responsibility to clean. Please remember that London is a hard

water area, and therefore you should regularly clean your shower to prevent

limescale. Vacuum cleaners will be available for you to use and can be obtained

from reception. Please note: the vacuum cleaners are not to be used for cleaning
up liquids – if you damage a vacuum cleaner you may be asked to pay for a

replacement. Should you have any cleaning requests, please submit these to the

reception and these will be dealt with promptly.

Insurance has been arranged to cover your possessions whilst they are in Wood

Lane Studios through Endsleigh Insurance, the No. 1 student insurance provider.

Please input the policy number HH1118a at
to check your full policy details. Please read the details of the policy carefully to

ensure it is adequate for your needs. You will be able to access your certificate

of Insurance, information on key exclusions and excesses, information on how to

make a claim, including how to personalise cover to meet your needs. Additional

cover is also available from Endsleigh Insurance for accidental damage to

expensive items such as laptops and bikes.

The intercom is 2-way so you can call reception and they

can call you.


Turn off lights when not needed
Use the recycling facilities in your studio and the communal areas, ensuring you put recycled
waste in the correct bins in the bin store. Food is not to be put into the recycle bins.
Don’t leave taps running
Only boil as much water as you need
Turn the heating thermostat down when you are not in your studio
Avoid having the heating on and the window open, if you are too hot simply turn the
thermostat down

Your accommodation a-zYour accommodation a-z

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GradPad Living Guide 1110 GradPad Living Guide


There is 100mbps wired internet in your

studio and Wi-Fi coverage across all

living and communal areas. Step by step

instructions to set-up your internet service can

be found in your ‘Get Connected’ StudentCom

guide and further help and information can be

found on the StudentCom portal


If you require any assistance with the internet service

please contact the Customer Services Help Desk on 0333 123 0112. The service

desk is open from Monday to Friday 08.30 to 20.30 and at weekends from 11.00 to

17.00. You can also contact the service desk via Twitter @StudentComHelp.

Please refrain from using torrent based websites to source free content as it

slows down the bandwidth for everyone.

There is a 24hr on-site laundry room for residents located in Block A – please

check the location on the site map. To use the laundry, please follow the simple

instructions on the next page.

Irons and ironing boards are available for use in the laundry room. Laundry

baskets are also provided, but please remember to return them after use so that

everyone can benefit from them.

In addition Circuit’s ‘Laundry View’ allows you to see a 3D virtual view of the

laundry room, check the availability of washing machines and tumble dryers and

look at remaining cycle times – take a look at, click Laundry

View and select Wood Lane Studios from the drop down menu. Once you have

registered, this system can also issue an email or text to alert you that your

wash/dry cycle is complete.

Further information on using the laundry room will be covered in the induction

talk – if you are unable to attend, please ask Reception for more details.

Please report any faults or damages to your studio, or to a communal area (e.G.

Laundry, gym, communal lounge etc) to reception in person, via telephone or

email. Telephone: 020 8746 1423 Email: [email protected]


Your accommodation a-z

Laundry Process

Laundry Top-Up
Card Helpline
01422 820026

*Ask at reception where to get your card.


• Make sure you have a
Circuit laundry card*

• Visit
and follow instructions
online to top-up

• Take your Circuit laundry
card and top-up code to
the top-up machine

• Activate your credit using
the top-up machine

• You are now ready to
do your laundry






Follow these simple steps to get up
and running with Circuit laundry...

to get started

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GradPad Living Guide 2120 GradPad Living Guide

• HSBC ATM, BBC White City, Wood Lane

• RBS ATM, Tesco, BBC White City, Wood Lane

• ATM, Esso Petrol Station, Wood Lane

• Numerous machines at Westfield London

• ATM, NISA 235–239 Wood Lane, W12 0HL

Gymbox - Westfield London - facilities include:

• Dance Studio • Boxing Ring • Sprint Track

• Cardio Equipment • Weights Area • Resident DJs

• Personal Trainers

Westway Sports Centre - 1 Crowthorne Road, W10 6RP - facilities include:

• Climbing Walls • Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Courts

• Various football pitches • Outdoor Cricket Nets

• West London Horse Stables • Gym with professional instructors

• Basketball Court and practice hoops • Swim Centre

Health (doctor, dentist, hospital, walk-in centre, sexual health centre)

• NHS Direct has extensive info on medical services near Wood LaneStudios

• GPs - Hammersmith Centre for Health, North Kensington Medical Centre

• Accident & Emergency - Hammersmith Hospital

• Dentist - Batman Dental Practice, Canberra Dental Practice

• Pharmacy - My Pharmacy (North Pole Rd), Pestle and Mortar (South Africa Rd)

• Sexual Health - St Quintins, Highlever Road

• If you are feeling depressed or just need to talk to someone about your problems - Sa-

maritans - 08457 90 90 90


• Puza - Cocktail Bar, Westfield London

• The Bull Freehouse and Food Pub - British Pub, Westfield London

• The Goldhawk - Speciality Beers, 122-124 Goldhawk Road, W12 8HH

• Albertine Wine Bar, 1 Wood Lane, W12 7DP

• Davy’s at White City - Wine Bar, BBC Media Village, Wood Lane,

W12 7TU

• Green Room - Pool and Live Music, 45a Goldhawk Road, W12


• Raving Buddha - Live music and Pub Quizzes, 77 Goldhawk

Road, W12 8EG

• Mau Mau Bar - Live Music, 265 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

• Pavilion Public House, Wood Lane, W12 0HQ

Getting around the surrounding area is easy as there are plenty of public transport links

and taxis. Reception will also be able to provide further information on the local area and

book taxis for you.

All full-time postgraduate students are eligible to apply for a Student Oyster

Photocard which provides a 30% discount on most TFL public transport. You

will need to get your university to stamp a form to provide evidence that you are

enrolled as a full-time student. For further information on obtaining an Oyster

Photocard and timetables for TFL public transport visit


There are a large number of bus routes serving Wood Lane Studios, there is

even a bus stop outside on Wood Lane. Further information on available bus

routes and fares can be found at


Wood Lane Studios is a mere 5-10 minute walk from 2 underground stations-

White City (Central line) and Wood Lane (Hammersmith and City line).

Local cycling routes and maps can be found at This website also

details information on the Santander cycle hire initiative which is a share scheme providing

easy access to bicycles all over London.

If you have your own bicycle with you at Wood Lane Studios please take the following

precautions to stay safe:

• Wear bright clothing in the day and reflective clothing or accessories at night

• Use lights after dark; white at the front and red at the rear

• Wear a cycling helmet

To keep your bicycle secure you will need to purchase and use a lock. It is also advisable

to security mark your bicycle. Further information on this can be found at

There is no car parking for residents or visitors at Wood Lane Studios except for Blue

Badge Holders - please ask at reception for more details.

Residents are not permitted to apply for a resident’s parking permit in the local area.

There are a limited number of parking spaces for motorbikes and scooters, so parking of

these on-site is at the management’s discretion. Please contact reception if you would like

further information.

Local area information Local area information

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Wood Lane Studios
80 Wood Lane

White City
London, W12 0BZ

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