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Living Difference

The Agreed Syllabus for
Hampshire, Portsmouth and

January 2011

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© Hampshire County Council/Portsmouth City Council/Southampton City Council
ISBN: 1-85975-614 X
January 2011

Cover photo: © Clive Erricker

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Agreed Syllabus: Living Difference January 2011 84

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 1


Key Stage 2
At this stage, the focus on B concepts will increase as pupils progress through the key stage.

There will continue to be some cycles focusing on A concepts, although these will be made more
complex and sophisticated, the higher in the key stage.

In Year 6 some pupils will be introduced to C concepts.

Hierarchy of concepts

This diagram illustrates how concepts can be applied within the key stages.

= Group A concepts are concepts that are common to all human experience. See page 151
= for examples.

= Group B concepts are concepts shared by many religions and are used in the study of
= religion. See page 152 for examples.

= Group C concepts are concepts specific to particular religions. See pages 153 – 164 for
= examples.

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January 2011 Agreed Syllabus: Living Difference 85

At Key Stage 2 pupils have a broader perspective on life’s experiences.
They can engage with concepts relating to their own and others’
experiences that are also evident in religions (A concepts), for example,
freedom, authority, sacrifice. They will continue to investigate concepts
that are common to many religions and that are used in the study of
religion (B concepts), for example, holiness, pilgrimage and rites of
passage. Through their study of religions pupils will encounter concepts
that are specific to particular religions (C concepts), for example, Trinity,
moksha, mitzvot.

Key Stage 2

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January 2011 Agreed Syllabus: Living Difference 177

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teaching and learning in religious education
in British journal of religious education
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by Katherine Wedell, 2010

Living Difference – the primary handbook
by Hampshire County Council
HCC, 2006
ISBN: 1-85975-619-0

Living Difference – the secondary handbook
by Hampshire County Council
HCC, 2006
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Philosophy with teenagers: Nurturing a moral imagination for the 21st Century
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The Living Difference evaluation project report
by Katherine Wedell


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178 Agreed Syllabus: Living Difference January 2011

County RE Centre –
Publications for sale
The Hampshire RE team produce a range of publications to support
Living Difference. A list of the current titles is set out below.

Key Stage Title

FS/KS1 Stories Jesus told (concept: storytelling)

The festival of Holi (concept: remembering)

Easter for infants (includes CD-ROM)
(concepts: celebration, welcoming and sad and happy)

KS1 Story (includes CD-ROM of text) (concept: story)

KS1/2 Angels (includes CD-ROM of images) (concept: angels)

Levels 1 – 3 Harvest (includes CD-ROM)
(concepts: thankfulness, celebration and bread as a symbol)

Change and transformation (includes CD-ROM)
(concepts: change and transformation)

KS2 God talk (concept: God)

Jewish festivals: Sukkot and Hannukah
(concepts: ritual and symbol)

Hindu festivals: Divali and Mahashivratri
(concepts: good and evil and devotion)

Synagogue – a virtual tour (includes CD-ROM)
(concepts: identity, ritual and authority)

A visit to a mosque (includes DVD)
(concepts: umma, symbol and submission)

Myth (includes CD-ROM of text) (concept: myth)

Level 4 The Christian story (includes CD-ROM of text)
(concept: salvation)

Level 4/5 Jesus through art (includes picture pack and CD-ROM)
(concepts: imagery/icon and love/agape)

Level 4/5 The Hindu temple (includes DVD)
(concepts: devotion/bhakti and ritual/darshan)

KS2/3 Leadership and prophethood (includes CD-ROM)
(concepts: leadership and prophethood)

These publications are available from the County RE Centre,
Falcon House, Monarch Way, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22 5PL
Tel: 01962 863134 Fax: 01962 842762
E-mail: [email protected]

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