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by Charlaine Harris.

An Ace Book

Ace mass-market edition / April 2002

Dead Until Dark.

My thanks go to Patsy Asher of Remember the Alibi in San Antonio, Texas;
Chloe Green of Dallas; and the helpful cyber-friends I've made on DorothyL,
who answered all my questions promptly and enthusiastically. I have the greatest
job in the world.

Page 297

"Harris's story alternately charms and chills, a difficult combination she manages
with aplomb and brilliance."

"Harris's style has a charm and ease that remind one of Anne Tyler . . . original
and surprising. Traces of Gothic romance add to the book's unusual flavor."


"Harris's gossipy, just-between-us-girls style is as ingratiating as ever."

"Charlaine Harris is a name to remember."

"Excellent . . . Harris delivers murder with a distinct edge."

[Version History]

1.0 – scanned, OCR'd, reformatted and spell-checked.

2.0 – November 6, 2002 – proofed in detail in reference to d.t. format by
The_Ghiti. If d.t. format contains an "obvious" error, it was corrected.
Otherwise, particularly if it's in dialogue, I left "as is," – in particular, Harris had
a several places with incorrect non-verb agreement problems, but as the novel is

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