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Title: Series: The Fallen World Author: Megan Crewe
Imprint: Hyperion

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Page 88

of snow and craned my neck, trying to see over the top of the slope. Then Tobias
“It’s the kid,” he said.

We scrambled back up. A figure in a black coat was trudging along the path
we’d trampled, his face turned toward us, the sled that had been Meredith’s
dragging behind him. His orange hat was a blaze of color amid the snow.
“Justin,” I said. “What’s he doing?”

When he saw us all staring, Justin waved and trudged faster. He ran the last
short distance to the edge of the slope, his breath coming in huffs.

“You walk faster than I thought you would,” he said. “Is something wrong?”
I said. Meredith, or Tessa—“Everything’s good,” Justin said. “I’m coming with
you. Wherever you’re going now.”
For a second we all just eyed each other.
“You didn’t think your mom would let you come,” Leo said, breaking the
silence. “So you snuck off instead of talking to us about it up front. Yeah?”
Justin flushed. “She doesn’t get it,” he said. “I’m tired of . . . of hiding all the
time while pricks like those guys in the van walk in, looking to take our stuff, to
mess with us. It’s stupid. I don’t want to sit around and pick beans and cook
oatmeal and pretend it’s okay. It isn’t. It sucks. I want to something, like
“But your mom must be freaking out,” I said.
“She’ll know where I am,” Justin said obstinately. “I left a note.”
Which might have helped a little more if knew where we were going to be,
between here and Toronto. Or if we were even going to get there.
“How old are you, anyway?” Tobias asked.
“Fifteen,” Justin said, and paused. “Next month.”
I winced, but Gav was studying him. “That’s not much younger than us,” he
“There’s a pretty big difference between sixteen or seventeen and fourteen,” Leo
said. “And that’s not the point. The point is he didn’t talk to anyone, he just took
off.” He glanced at Justin. “If you’d talked to us first, I might feel okay about it.
But not like this. Do you have any idea what this is going to do to your mom,
how much she’s going to worry about you?”
“You don’t think he should get a few points for determination?” Gav said. “He’s
here now. It’s not like we can make him go home, unless you want to haul him
all the way back. We might as well keep going and give him a chance.”
“You want to be responsible for him?” Tobias put in.
“I can take care of myself,” Justin protested. “Who’s in charge here? Just tell me
what I’ve got to do to prove it, and I will.”

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