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36 Kat TavTa \xev $r\aiv 6


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Tty he oepLVOTTpeTreiav tov UvOayopov /cat
1 tovtov] V.l. rdirov.

a Meineke, C.G.F. ii. 1070.
b This may have some hidden sense : but it is tempting

to adopt tottov for tovtov with the Borbonicus.
e Alexander is cited above (§ 24). evpyKtvai comes in


Page 363


phanes, crumbs belong to the heroes, for in his
Heroes he says° :

Xor taste ye of what falls beneath the board !

Another of his precepts was not to eat white cocks,
as being sacred to the Month and wearing suppliant
garb —now supplication ranked with things good

sacred to the Month because they announce the
time of day ; and again white represents the nature
of the good, black the nature of evil. Not to touch
such fish as were sacred ; for it is not right that
gods and men should be allotted the same things,
any more than free men and slaves. Not to break
bread ; for once friends used to meet over one loaf,
as the barbarians do even to this day ; and you
should not divide bread which brings them together


some give as the explanation of this that it has
reference to the judgement of the dead in Hades,
others that bread makes cowards in war, others again
that it is from it that the whole world begins. b

He held that the most beautiful figure is the sphere
among solids, and the circle among plane figures.
Old age maybe compared to everything that is decreas-
ing, while youth is one with increase. Health means
retention of the form, disease its destruction. Of
salt he said it should be brought to table to remind us
of what is right ; for salt preserves whatever it finds,
and it arises from the purest sources, sun and sea.

This is what Alexander says that he found in the
Pythagorean memoirs. What follows is Aristotle's.

But Pythagoras's great dignity not even Timon
both sections. This means that, in the Lives of Pythagoras
which D. L. consulted, the extract from Alexander has dis-
placed a passage which came from a spurious Aristotelian
treatise Hepi UvOayopeiwv.


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