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TitleLive Through This: A Mother's Memoir of Runaway Daughters and Reclaimed Love
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Live Through This
A Mother's
Memoir of



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This book has been a long time coming, so it's impossible to acknowledge here
the many people who have helped along the way—

I am thankful for the support of my mother, Barbara Strickfaden, and her
husband, Ed, and my father, Mike Gwartney, and his wife, Tore. Thanks, too, to
siblings Cindy, Ron, Rebecca, and John. Dear friends Alice Tallmadge, Cheryl
Crumbley, and Kathleen Kochan have kept me upright during difficult times—
I'm indebted to them and others who befriended my family: Kathleen Holt and
Alex Dupey, Abigail Gripman Capalby, Molly Hollister and Jerry Andrus, Mary
and Brian Doyle, Megan Breen Leigh, Tom Gerald and Frances Scott, and
"Richard and Jane," as they're called in the book (to protect their privacy), all
loving adult friends to my daughters.

Thanks to Sandy Tolan, who produced our radio show
and whose love and humor have often sustained us—the same for Alan Weisman
and Beckie Kravetz.

My old writers' group allowed me to get first stories on paper, and other
friends have offered support, particularly Magdalene Smith, Dan Raeburn, Anna
Mills, Tracy Miller, and Barbara Ras. Elisabeth Ceppi and Sandra Morgen read
early drafts and offered keen insight. Phillip Lopate and Sven Birkerts pushed
me to dig in, do better. I am privileged to know them. Much gratitude to Bob
Shacochis and Catfish, who offered just the right advice and who've many times
buoyed me with their faith in the book.

Jon Garlinghouse provided years of good counsel, and I'm grateful that we
could turn to the Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy Program, Northwest
Youth Corps, and especially to Robert Burkhardt and everyone else at Eagle
Rock School. Thanks to Michael Collier and the Breadloaf Writers' Conference;
the Hedgebrook Writing Colony; the Wurlitzer Foundation of Taos, New
Mexico; Literary Arts of Portland. And to the students and faculty at Portland
State University.

It's been my great fortune to work with Gail Hochman and Deanne Urmy.

Thanks to Gabriel, Otis, Erik, and Nick—young men who've become

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