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TitleList of Regular Verbs
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17/4/2014 List of Regular Verbs 1/6

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Accept Accepted Accepted

Achieve Achieved Achieved

Add Added Added

Admire Admired Admirer

Admit Admitted Admitted

Adopt Adopted Adopted

Advise Advised Advised

Agree Agreed Agreed

Allow Allowed Allowed

Announce Announced Announced

Appreciate Appreciated Appreciated

Approve Approved Approved

Argue Argued Argued

Arrive Arrived Arrived

Ask Asked Asked

Assist Assisted Assisted

Attack Attacked Attacked

Bake Baked Baked

Beg Begged Begged

Behave Behaved Behaved

Boil Boiled Boiled

Borrow Borrowed Borrowed

Brush Brushed Brushed

Here is a list of commonly used regular verbs with their base form, simple past

form and the past participle.

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Page 4

17/4/2014 List of Regular Verbs 4/6

Listen Listened Listened

Love Loved Loved

Marry Married Married

Measure Measured Measured

Move Moved Moved

Murder Murdered Murdered

Need Needed Needed

Obey Obeyed Obeyed

Offend Offended Offended

Offer Offered Offered

Open Opened Opened

Paint Painted Painted

Park Parked Parked

Phone Phoned Phoned

Pick Picked Picked

Play Played Played

Pray Prayed Prayed

Print Printed Printed

Pull Pulled Puled

Punch Punched Punched

Punish Punished Punished

Purchase Purchased Purchased

Push Pushed Pushed

Question Questioned Questioned

Race Raced Raced

Relax Relaxed Relaxed

Remember Remembered Remembered

Reply Replied Replied

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17/4/2014 List of Regular Verbs 5/6

Retire Retired Retired

Return Returned Returned

Rub Rubbed Rubbed

Scold Scolded Scolded

Select Selected Selected

Smoke Smoked Smoked

Snore Snored Snored

Stare Stared Stared

Start Started Started

Study Studied Studied

Talk Talked Talked

Thank Thanked Thanked

Travel Travelled Travelled

Trouble Troubled Troubled

Type Typed Typed

Use Used Used

Visit Visited Visited

Wait Waited Waited

Walk Walked Walked

Want Wanted Wanted

Warn Warned Warned

Wink Winked Winked

Worry Worried Worried

Yell Yelled Yelled

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