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as much disturbed as the king had been. * The fault
is great that the governors of the land and the vassal
princes of Pharaoh have committed in neglecting to
watch the movements of the Khita.' But there is
no time for recriminations, the king must act quickly.
He decides to send orders to the legions to return
by forced marches, and the Council was about to
separate, so that the camp might be prepared for de-

fence, when Baoukou entered
the tent and announced the

Fig. 103. —Eameses holds a Council of War.

coming of the enemy. Khitasir arrived almost imme-
diately with his whole army: in a few minutes the
moat was filled up, the earthwork thrown down in
spite of the shields which covered it, and the Asiatics
swarmed into the camp through the breach. The
surprise was complete : a number of foot soldiers
were killed before they could seize their weapons


a few squadrons rallied, and, supported by the
Shairetana, for a short time succeeded in checking
the enemy at the gates of the royal quarters.
They were borne down by numbers, and were already
breaking their ranks, when a war-cry was suddenly
heard throughout the camp, blended with a loud roar

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—Rameses II. and his lion at last appeared on the
field of battle.

Pharaoh, when he first saw the Khita chariots, was
beside himself wdth rage, like his father Menthu of
Thebes. He put on his armour, seized his lance,
ordered his lion to be loosened ; then, entering his
chariot, he rushed into the thickest part of the con-
flict (Fig. 104). The few chariots that followed him


Fig. 104. —Eameses II. in his Chariot : the King's Lion charges
by the side of the Horses.

were quickly overthrown, their warriors killed or taken
prisoners, and Pharaoh found himself alone with his
equerry, Menni, separated from those of his troops
that still resisted by a number of the enemy's chariots.
WhenMenni saw himself surrounded his courage failed,
a great terror seized him, and he said to Pharaoh


* My lord, O generous king ! Egypt's great protector
in the day of battle ! behold, we are alone in the midst
of the enemy, for the archers and chariots have left
us. Let us return, that our lives may be saved. Save
tis, my lord, Rameses Miamun ! ' But Pharaoh

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