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Introduction: Back to the Golden Age
The Chosen One
The Look: A Life in Pictures
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BOGIE AND BACALL had boxers, as many as three of them at a time. Bacall was a
dog lover her entire life, and this is worth mentioning, as it had its basis in her youth. “I
was always a dog yearner,” she told her fellow actress Glenn Close in an interview. “I
didn’t have a dog growing up in the city with a working mother. As an only child, I
yearned for someone to talk to.” At the manse in Holmby Hills, the big dogs had the
run of the place. Later, back in New York City, there would be smaller dogs, which
Bacall would walk across Central Park West to the dog run in the park. When she died
in August, she left, of an estate estimated at $26.6 million, $10,000 for the continued
care of her papillon, Sophie. Her son Sam Robards will keep Sophie in the manner to
which she has become accustomed.

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BOGART WOOED AND WED her, and in the initial years of their marriage, before
there were children, he often costarred with her and visited on set (above, in 1945).
Below are Bacall, Bogart, actor John Ridgely and director Howard Hawks on the set of
The Big Sleep in 1946.

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Photograph by Bert Six/MPTVImages.
On Broadway, New York City, before, and just after the lights have been

dimmed in tribute to Lauren Bacall on August 15, 2014. Photograph by Peter

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