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Introduction I l l
New Aeon Magic 113
Group Magical Experiments 117
Levels of Consciousness 121
Magical Combat 125
rhe Rites of Chaos 129

The Mass of Chaos 130
Initiation 133
Exorcism 136
Extreme Unction: The Final Enchantment 140
Ordination 142

Magical Time 143
Chemognosis 147
Magical Perspectives 151

Chaos: The Secret of the Universe 153
Baphomet 156
The Psychic Censor 162
The Demon Choronzon 164

Shamanism 169
Gnosticism 173
Occult Priestcraft 179
Magical Weapons 187
Magical Paradigms 191
Anecdotes 201
Catastrophe Theory and Magic 207


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$14.95 Magic

The practice of chaos magic is clearly outlined by Peter
Carroll in this double-volume containing Liber Null and
Psychonaut. Liber Null contains a selection of extremely
powerful rituals and exercises for committed occultists
who are aware of their own being. Practical instructions
lead the reader through new concepts. Psychonaut
explores a shamanistic relationship to the community, and
teaches readers how to perform magic in a group.

. . Peter Carroll has successfully broken down many of
the patterns that so many magicians may cling to. Liber
Null and Psychonaut—originally two separate books
written not only for students of chaos magic, but to
separate the necessary from what may be the unnecessary
formula of magic—covers much new territory . . . . Carroll
has taken methods from Austin Osman Spare,
shamanism, paganism, and Chaos science . . . and
synthesized them into a new system of practice. Whether
one agrees or disagrees with his views, this book should
be read with diligence . . ." —The Portal, 1990

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York Beach, Maine 03910

Cover illustration by Brian Ward
Cover design by Phillip Augusta

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