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The Canterville Ghost
and Other Stories


Level 4

Retold by John Davage

Series Editors: Andy Hopkins and Jocelyn Potter

Page 57

P e n g u i n R e a d e r s F a c t s h e e t s

Work in pairs. Look at the pictures in the book and find:
a box a handkerchief
a brush a party
a candle armour
a carriage chains
a clock glasses
a ghost stairs

‘The Canterville Ghost’
1 Match the people (a–h) and the descriptions (i–viii). All the

information is on pages 1 to 4.
(a) Hiram B. Otis
(b) Lord Canterville
(c) Lucretia R. Tappen
(d) Washington
(e) Virginia
(f) Mrs Umney
(g) Lady Eleanore de Canterville
(h) Sir Simon de Canterville
(i) Otis’ eldest daughter
(ii) Otis’ eldest son
(iii) the American Ambassador to Britain
(iv) the housekeeper at Canterville Chase
(v) the man who murdered his wife in Canterville Chase
(vi) the name of Otis’wife before marriage
(vii) the previous owner of Canterville Chase
(viii) the woman who was murdered in Canterville Chase

2 Match the adjectives and nouns to make phrases from the
next part of the story (pages 5 to 7).
(a) terrible (i) Americans
(b) library (ii) bloodstain
(c) haunted (iii) bottle
(d) strange (iv) chains
(e) small (v) door
(f) bedroom (vi) eyes
(g) terrible old (vii) figures
(h) pale (viii) floor
(i) red (ix) hair
(j) long, grey (x) haunting
(k) heavy, rusty (xi) houses
(l) strange, green (xii) light
(m) two little (xiii) man
(n) excellent and famous (xiv) moonlight
(o) terrible modern (xv) noise

3 Work in pairs. Tell the story of this part. Use the phrases
from Exercise 2.

4 In the next part of the story (from page 7 to page 10),
what …
(a) changed colour?
(b) happened to the ghost in the suit of armour?

(c) did the twins shoot at the ghost?
(d) did Mr Otis aim at the ghost?
(e) did Mrs. Otis give to the ghost?

5 The ghost has given up. Complete these sentences about
the information on pages 13 to 15. Use a word from the
box in each case.

appearance appearances bloodstain boots
bucket butter door duty interruption
noises no-one string

(a) He stopped putting the … on the library floor.
(b) But ghostly … weren’t under his control.
(c) It was his … to appear in the passages once a week.
(d) He had to make frightening … on the first and third

Wednesday of every month.
(e) But he made sure … heard or saw him.
(f) He took off his … and walked as quietly as possible.
(g) But he was not allowed to haunt without … .
(h) He fell over … in the dark.
(i) He had a bad fall after stepping on some … that the

twins had put on the top of the stairs.
(j) He decided to visit the twins in his famous … as

‘Rupert, the Headless Lord’.
(k) When he reached the twins room, he saw that the …

was not completely closed.
(l) He pushed it open wide, and a heavy … of water fell

on him.
6 Match these sentences (a–n) and replies (i–xiv) from the

conversation between Virginia and the ghost (page 21).
(a) If you behave yourself, no-one will annoy you.
(b) Why is it silly?
(c) It’s my only reason for being alive.
(d) Mrs Umney told us that you killed your wife.
(e) It’s very wrong to kill someone.
(f) Would you like a sandwich?
(g) You’re much nicer that the rest of your nasty, rude.

dishonest family.
(h) Who has ever heard of bright green blood?
(i) You Americans don’t understand anything.
(j) I don’t think I’d like America.
(k) I want to go to sleep but I can’t.
(l) Is there a place where you can sleep?
(m) You mean the Garden of Death?
(n) Have you ever read the old words on the library

(i) Because I have to make noises with my chains and

cry though keyholes, and walk about at night.
(ii) Far away beyond the woods there’s a little garden by

an old empty church.
(iii) It’s silly to ask me to behave myself.
(iv) No, thank you. I never eat anything now.
(v) Oh, it’s easy for people to blame me when they don’t

(vi) Oh, often. I know them quite well.
(vii) Stop! You’re the one who’s rude and nasty.
(viii) That’s no reason for being alive.

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The Canterville Ghost and other stories








Students can do these exercises alone or with one or more
other students. Pair/group-only exercises are marked.

Activities before reading the book

Activities while reading the book

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