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1804 Iowa Drive • LeClaire, Iowa 52753
Ph: (563)289-2126 • Fx: (563)289-2132

Email: [email protected]

Office Hours: 9AM-5PM Central Time

Dear Customer:

After more than a quarter-century, Les Baer Custom is still acknowledged as the leader in
the development of precision built custom firearms that simply outperform any other
guns in their product categories. The professionals who depend on firearms to earn their
livelihood ... the cops, tactical operators, military special ops guys, firearms trainers and
competitors ... those are the guys who demand the best performance and understand
real value. They're the guys who choose firearms built by Les Baer Custom.

How do we continue to earn praise from the world's most discriminating shooters? First,
of course, there's our uncompromising quality. If it's not the best, it won't carry our
name. It's just that simple.

Then there's our passion for constant innovation, a spirit that has helped us stay ahead of
the curve in the continuing evolution of the world's best shooting 1911 pistols and AR
rifles. This year, we have set the stakes even higher with the introduction of several brand
new products which we feel sure will quickly become the class of the custom firearms
business, including:

• A brand new Centennial Model 1911 that commemorates the 100th anniversary of
John Browning's most stellar pistol (see page 17);

• Our new Ultimate Tactical Carry Pistol, a no-nonsense self defense or duty pistol
that's equipped exactly as a tactical carry pistol should be (see page 15);

• A special 1911 that carries the name and endorsement of Shooting USA, the
groundbreaking television show that has done so much to promote the sport and
practical side of shooting (see page 16);

• Our 1911 duty/defense pistol that pays tribute to Les Baer's lifelong love for high
performance muscle cars (see the new Boss 1911 on page 10);

• Our .308 Semi-Auto Rifle, the most exciting .308 rifle in many, many years (for full
information see page 53)

• And finally, Les Baer Custom's Bolt Action Tactical Rifles which have already caused a
stir in the tactical community.

Enjoy our 2011 catalog and enjoy our innovative products.

Thank you for your business,

Les Baer Sr.
Member American Handgunner 100 Club

+& *�&&+ # "� � ’)& +�� ’)&��** &%�#* ��&&*�
�$�) ���* ’)& �,%* �)&$ #�* ���) �,*+&$�

Les Baer Custom salutes these top performing bullseye competitors, all of whom are proud
members of the Les Baer Shooting Team and all of whom shoot Les Baer Custom pistols.
Team members have been awarded the following honors:

• Les Baer team members collectively hold 41 current national records, more national
records than any pistol team now shooting, including military teams!

• All four members have ranked as masters in Conventional and/or International pistol;
• Three of the four have won the distinguished service pistol award. Mary Lou won hers
within one calendar year!).

©2011 Les Baer Custom, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication
maybe be reproduced without permission from Les Baer Custom, Inc.

-9C9D D85 D51=�C G52C9D5 1D GGG�<5C215BD51=�3?=�

"9=25B<I �?21BD (far right)
New Philadelphia, Ohio
• 2000, 2001 and 2003 Ladies National Pistol

• Member of prestigious Mayleigh Cup team
in 2002

• Holder of eleven (11) national shooting

• Pistol Distinguished.

$1BI #?E %938?<C (far left)
Lake Charles Shores, Florida
•2001 Ladies National Champion, Centerfire

•High Woman at Canton, Ohio, 2003
•Pistol, Distinguishe

"9= )146?B4 (second from left)
Niceville, Florida
• National record holder
• Member of the National International Pistol
Team for 5 years and winner of a bronze
medal and a silver medal for the US.

• Placed Second in the Sport Pistol National
Championships and Fifth in the US World

• Pistol Distinguished

"1D8I �81DD5BD?> (second from right)
Milburn, New Jersey
•2001 National Champion, NRA Standard Pistol
•2001 National Champion, NRA Open Air

•2000 National Ladies Champion, Indoor Pistol
•Winner of nine (9) national championships
•Holder of thirty (30) national shooting records
•Pistol, Distinguished

Page 18

$9;5 �1<D?> C1IC� �#5C �15B 9C DBE<I 1 =1CD5B ?6
=5D1< 1>4 1> 5>79>55B9>7 75>9EC� #5C �15B @9CD?<C
@5B6?B= <9;5 =1793 1>4 31> =1;5 1>I?>5 1 25DD5B


Our superior match frames are much more than just the foundation on which we build
our guns -- they're the primary building block on which our business and our reputation
have been built, as well.

No 1911 frames anywhere compare to Baer frames. That's why they've become the
hands-down favorites of so many other custom gunsmiths. We hold the tightest
tolerances in the industry to guarantee consistency. We can guarantee that consistency
because we do all the machining ourselves on our own CNC equipment. And all our
frames come standard with beveled mag wells.

Note: Stainless steel frames are also available, as well as reduced Commanche" and
“Stinger” size frames. All Baer frames are available separately or paired with Baer slides,
individually hand fitted for the best possible fit.

���) *+��# �)�$�* ��� ��’ ���� )�$’
Standard 1911, Commanche Size or Stinger Size

Available as:
• Standard 1911 Match Frame
• 1911 Match Frame with .250 radius cut to fit Baer's beavertail grip safety
• 1911 Match Frame with .250 radius cut and checkered front strap (30 lpi standard; 20 lpi
by special order)

���) ’)�$ ,$ *+� %#�** *+��# �)�$�* ��� ��’ ���� )�$’
Standard 1911, Commanche Size or Stinger Size
(not pictured)

Available as:
• 1911 Match Frame with .250 Radius cut to fit Baer's beavertail grip safety
• 1911 Match Frame with .250 radius cut and checkered front strap @ 30 lpi

���) $&%&# +� �)�$�*
Les Baer Custom’s patented, all-steel Monolith frames are also available (not pictured).

Available as:
• Monolith Match Frame with Extended Dust Cover (Patent No: US 6,345,463
• Monolith Heavyweight Match Frame with Extended Dust Cover (Patent No: US

• Monolith Commanche National Match Frame with Extended Dust Cover
(Patent No: US 6,477,802)

• Monolith Commanche Heavyweight National Match Frame with
Extended Dust Cover (Patent No: US 6,477,802)

1911 match

1911 Stinger frame with
checkered front strap @ 30
lpi and cut for Baer

���) ���� N$�+��O �)�$�*

Page 19

Baer 1911 slides have set the standard for premium quality components. They're
quality engineered with features no other 1911 slides can match:

• Precision machined from extremely high quality steel;
• Heat treated to 40 R.C.;
• Precision machined on our own state of the art CNC equipment after heat treating
to prevent warpage

• Rail dimensions machined to ultra-precise, uniform specifications;
• Barrel channel is precision bored;
• Slides have 9mm firing pin holes to keep primer flow to a minimum;
• The recoil plug is machined all the way through, so there's no more drilling or
reaming required to install reverse recoil plugs;

• Precision slide serrations on rear;
• Lowered ejection port;
• Cocking serrations on front of slide (optional on Commanche length slides)

Baer slides are available in the following variations and options:
• Machined steel or stainless steel;
• Standard 1911 length or shortened Commanche length;
• With or without cut for LBC low mount rear sight with hidden rear leaf;
• With double serrations, with rear serrations only or with no serrations.
• Flat bottom double serrated Monolith slide;
• Calibers: 9mm, .38 Super, 10mm, 40 S&W or .45 ACP. (Stainless slides and
Commanche slides in .45 ACP only)

���) �O *# ��

In a handgun, one extra inch of length means more than just being one inch closer
to your target. It means dramatically increased velocity.

Les Baer Custom offers the best six-inch 1911 slides on the market. That's six
inches long without compensators! Like all Baer components these match
grade slides are precision machined from top grade steel. They're not
welded; they're all one-piece construction. What a great edge for a
USPSA Limited Class gun, a Bullseye Wadcutter gun, or for any .45
that's expected to deliver peak performance and accuracy. 6" slides
are also available in 9mm and .38 Super.


���) ���� N$�+��O *# ��*

Whether you're building or upgrading a 1911, it will only be as accurate as the
barrel. Our match grade 1911 barrels are the best on the market. They're made
from 4350 steel. All critical areas are oversized for proper fitting. The rear locking
lug is also slightly oversized to allow you to obtain a central firing pin hit. And the
smoothness and consistency of the bores is really remarkable. Several options

• Baer 41/4" N.M. Commanche Barrel, .45 ACP
• Baer 41/4" N.M. Commanche Barrel, .45 ACP (Supported)
• Baer 5" N.M. Barrel, .45 ACP
• Baer 5" N.M. Barrel, .45 ACP (Supported)
• Baer 5" N.M. Barrel, 40 S&W (Supported)
• Baer 5" N.M. Barrel, .400 COR-BON
• Baer 5" N.M. Barrel, 9mm (Supported)
• Baer 5" N.M. Barrel, .38 Super (Supported)
• Baer 6" N.M. Barrel, .45 ACP
• Baer 6" N.M. Barrel, .45 ACP (Supported)
• Baer 6" N.M. Barrel, 9mm (Supported)
• Baer 6" N.M. Barrel, .400 COR-BON
• Baer 6" N.M. Barrel, .38 Super (Supported)
• Baer 4 1/4” N.M. barrel, .38 Super
• Baer 4 1/4” N.M. Commanche barrel, .38 Super (Supported)

���) �$�+��� ��))�#*

6" N.M. Barrel

5" N.M. Barrel w/Supported Chamber

5" N.M. Barrel

Commanche length slide w/no sight cut

5" Double serrated slide w/hidden rear
leaf LBC low mount cut and dovetail front sight cut

5" Double serrated slide

6" Slide w/hidden rear leaf LBC adjustable low mount cut

Flat bottom double serrated Monolith slide

Page 36


�15B �ECD?= +
Three handsome styles, all with two-color silk
screened graphics and all printed on heavy 7
oz. deluxe Anvil Cotton. Choose from:

K *D1>41B4 *8?BD *<55F5 +
Available in black or grey. Specify size when

K *D1>41B4 #?>7 *<55F5 +
*89BD �>?D @93DEB54�
Available in black only. Specify size when ordering.
K � �EDD?> �5><5IC #?>7 *<55F5 1>4 *8?BD *<55F5
�>?D @93DEB54�
Grey only. specify size when ordering.

K �15B #?7? *G51DC89BDC
Thick, grey or black logo sweatshirts. Specify sizes
when ordering.

K �<13; �??495 *G51DC89BDC
Black only. Specify sizes when

K �?<4 *DI<5 ’?<? *89BDC �>?D @93DEB54�
Embroidered logo on chest. Grey only. Specify
sizes when ordering.

�15B #?7? ’1D38
Multi-color 3-1/2” x 3-1/2”
embroidered patch of the Les
Baer Custom logo. Ready to
apply to your shooting jacket or

�15B �ECD?= �<?D89>7
+? �5<@ 0?E #??; #9;5 � ’B?�#�� �5>38 )5CD ���
) *5B95C *D19><5CC *D55< $1D38 �1BB5<C �’B539C9?>�ED )96<9>7� ����

Unbelievable! Les Baer Custom has once again risen to a new level of
unmatched performance. We now offer the finest cut barrel on the
market. We start with 416-R blanks. Then, every barrel is air gauged and
internally finished by a special process. The precision cutting the of the
lands and grooves virtually eliminates stress in the barrel. Barrels are
righthand twist, five-groove, available in either 1 X 12, 1 X 9, 1 X 8 or
1 X 7 twists. Available in the following lengths:
• As a 16", 18", 20", 22" or 24" bull barrel (fits .938 gas block),
chambered, crowned, with barrel extension installed and gas port hole

%�.� #�� ��
� �1BB5<C
The same LBC Bench Rest barrels that we sell in other popular calibers
are now available in .308. They're precision cut, 1 X 10 twist, and avail-
able in 18", 20" or 24" length.

%�.� ���� #��
�)™ �>4 � / �� �1BB5<C
�’B539C9?> �ED *D19><5CC *D55< �1BB5<C�
These Precision cut 416-R barrels are the same bench rest barrels we use
on our custom built AR style rifles. In .264 LBC-AR™,the barrels are
available in 16”, 20” or 24” length, 1 X 8 twist only. 6 X 45 barrels are
available in 16”, 20” or 24” and in 1 X 8 twist (recommended for 100
grain bullets or bigger) and 1 X 9.5 twist (for smaller than 100 grain

%�.� #�� ��
� )E75B �)
$1D38 *D19><5CC �1BB5<C
The same amazing bench rest-
quality .223 barrels that we use
on our own half-MOA rifles are

now available in .204 Ruger. Available in Varmint-style only, either 24” or
26” length, and in 1X10 twist. All other features are the same as the .223
barrels described above.

#�� $� *DI<5 �51FI �>4
$549E= .5978D $1D38 �1BB5<C
�’B539C9?> �ED )96<9>7�
The same superior quality as our

precision cut match barrels described above, but designed specifically for
M4 style rifles. Use of our extended M4 style gas blocks for use with .750
or .938 gas blocks for M4 style rifles. Use of our extended gas tube is also
required. 161/4" length, available in either 1 X 12, 1 X 9, 1 X 8 or 1 X 7
twist, .223 Cal.

The same superior quality as our precision cut match barrels described
above, but designed specifically for M4 style rifles. Use our extended M4
style gas blocks for use with .750 or .938 gas blocks for M4 style rifles.
Use of our extended gas tube is also required. 16-1/4” length, available in
either 1X12, 1X9, 1X8 or 1X7 twist. Use the medium weight barrel with
.750 gas blocks and the heavy weight with .938 gas blocks.

#�� ���� �<E=9>E= �B55 �<?1D �1>47E1B4
This design features a special locking ring. It uses its own barrel nut and
locking ring so it does away with the conventional barrel nut and Delta

ring. Special locking ring allows for infinite adjustment for
unbelievable precision. Precision machined from 7075 aluminum.

Comes black anodized with barrel nut, lock ring and free float



�15B �5<EH5 �1DC
Grey with black bill. Features
custom embroidery and six-panel
construction. One size fits all.

#5C �15B �ECD?= %5?> *97> ��� / ���
Les Baer's distinctive shooting/racing logo is now available
in neon. Perfect for a gun shop, clubhouse, family room,
gun room or "man cave".

#5C �15B *B� � #575>4 > �9C &G> +9=5 ����

Les Baer, Sr. has been winning accolades and loyal supporters for more than a
quarter century. Charles K. Strowd, Jr., is one of Les Baer’s most dedicated
supporters and an active collector of Baer 1911 pistols. As a labor of love,
Charles undertook a project to tell the world about the Les Baer
phenomenon. The result is a spectactular 6” x 8” collector edition
book, magnificently illustrated with fabulous color
photographs of Les and his products.


Page 37

Email: [email protected] •
Office Hours: 9AM-5PM Central Time

� *[email protected] �33EB1D5 )[email protected]<931 &6 #5C �15BPC �ED85>D93

�&)� $,*+�%� �&** ���
Only 500 Of These 1/25th Scale Classic Muscle Cars Are Available.

The original 429 Boss Mustangs were and still are a
legend among American muscle cars. Only 500 of
these heavy hitters were built in 1970 and they all
featured the blue crescent or Hemi-design heads that
made them so distinctive. These scale model collec-
tors’ cars were built by 1st Gear in Peosta, Iowa, using
one of Les Baer’s own Boss 429s to make all the prints and engineering drawings.
No surprise, then, that these replicas look just like Les Baer’s 429, right down to the
Grabber Green exterior color with black interior, of which only 43 were built in 1970.
Les’ was built at Dearborn, Michigan where it was assigned Kar Kraft number KK 2337.

It’s equipped with:
• Black Clarion Bucket Seats
• 3:91 Traction Lok Axle
• Four Speed Close Ratio Top Loader Drag-Pak
• Collapsible Spare
• Rim Blow Deluxe Steering Wheel
• Console
• Power Disc Front Brakes
• Décor Group
• Tachometer
• Competition Suspension
• Front Air Spoiler
• Functional Hood Scoop
• Trunk Mounted Battery

The highly detailed replicas feature:
• Opening Hood, Trunk And Doors
• Classic Boss 429 Engine
• Poseably Front Wheels
• Detailed Interior
• Detailed Undercarriage

If you admire fine American muscle
cars, this Boss 429 is a must-have for
your collection. If you buy one of Les
Baer Custom’s new Boss 1911 pistols,

you really need to complete the
package with one of these incredibly

detailed replicas.

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