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TitleLehman 1967 Indo-European Linguistics Reader
TagsLinguistics Orthography Vowel Alphabet
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Table of Contents
                            Table of Contents
	Editor's Note
	Introduction: W. P. Lehmann
	I. Sir William Jones
	II. Friedrich von Schlegel
		Chapter 1. On the Indic Language in General (pp. 1-3)
		Chapter 2. On the Relationship of Roots (pp. 6-7)
		Chapter 3. Of Grammatical Structure (pp. 27-28; 32-35)
		Chapter 4. Of Two Main Types of Languages according to Their Inner Structure (pp. 44-45)
		Chapter 6. Of the Variety of Related Languages and of Some Peculiar Intermediate Languages (conclusion, pp. 84-86)
	III. Rasmus Rask
		Investigations, pp. 49-51
	IV. Franz Bopp
		Chapter 1. On Verbs in General
		Chapter 2. Conjugation of the Old Indic Language
			Formation of the Present
		Chapter 3. Conjugation of the Greek verbs (61-2)
		Chapter 4. Conjugation of the Latin Verbs (88-89)
		Chapter 5. Conjugation of the Persian Language and the Old Germanic Dialects (116-17)
	V. Jacob Grimm
		A Survey of the Consonants
	VI. Wilhelm von Humboldt
		On the Primary Differences between Languages in Accordance with the Purity of Their Principle of Formation
	VII. Rudolf von Raumer
		I. The Natural-historical Determination of Sounds
		II. The Historical-Linguistic Change of Sounds
		III. Which Means Do We Have at Our Command for Investigating Sound Changes?
		IV. The Natural-Scientific Determination of the Aspirates and the Germanic Sound-Shift
	VIII. August Schleicher
	IX. C. Lottner
	X. Herman Grassman
	XI. Karl Verner
	XII. Heinrich Hübschmann
		Part I
		Part II.
	XIII. Karl Brugmann
		I. Nasalis Sonans
	XIV. Hermann Osthoff and Karl Brugmann
	XV. Eduard Sievers
	XVI. Ferdinand de Saussure
		Chapter I. The sonant liquids and nasals.
		1. Sonant liquids.
		Useful designations
	XVII. William Dwight Whitney
	XVIII. Eduard Sievers
		I. Present Position, Goals and Methods of Phonetics
		IV. Sound Change and Sound Development

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