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TitleLeft of Bang
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Table Of Contents
	Strangers In Strange Lands
	Paradigm Shift — Jason A. Riley
	I Wish I Had This Before — Patrick Van Horne
Part One: The War Lab
	1. A Marine Called “Chaos”
	2. Left Of Bang
	3. Cooper’s Color Code
	4. Re-Engineering The Toolkit
	5. The Experts
	6. It Works
	7. What Combat Profiling Is
	8. Proactive, Not Reactive
Part Two: Everywhere We Go, There Will Be People
	1. The Dilemma
	2. Paralysis By Analysis
	3. Information Overload
	4. Perfect Decisions Aren’t Possible
	5. The Better Way
	6. Bias For Action
	7. Baselines And Anomalies
	8. Human Universals
Part Three: Detail
	Headline Taken From Newspapers On January 1, 2000:
	1. The Six Domains
	2. The Language Of Profiling
	3. Kinesics
	4. Biometrics
	5. Proxemics
	6. Geographics
	7. Iconography
	8. Atmospherics
Part Four: Taking Action
	1. Deciding To Act
	2. The Combat Rule Of Three
	3. The Three Decisions
Part Five: Applications
	1. Bringing It All Together
	2. Applying Profiling
	3. Establishing Baselines Everywhere You Go
	4. Identifying Key Leaders
	5. Staying Left Of Bang: Attacks From Within
	6. Developing Your Profiling Ability
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