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According to Meier and others (1996:227), behavioural theory can help us fill

out the picture of personality. Combining these major theories of personality

with each other and Christian doctrine provides a foundation for a Christian

theory of personality.

Christian wisdom is not merely a product of academic exercise, nor passed on

primarily in classrooms and lecture halls. It is also a disposition of the heart, of

the distinctively Christian personality; and it is passed on through those

practices of church life that nurture the whole soul. It seems that the Christian

understanding of persons depends rather heavily on our being Christian

persons (Roberts 1997:4).

According to Roberts (1997:5) Diogenes Allen proposes that one way the

Christian psychological tradition might be brought into conversation with the

scientific psychology of our time would be to test, by standard empirical

methods, some of the law-like claims that members of the tradition have

made. The desert-fathers, for example, claim that certain emotional states

tend to follow upon submitting to ascetic disciplines such as confinement to

one's cell, and fasting, and that these disciplines, pursued over a fairly long

period of time, can be expected to foster developments of personality such as

purity of heart and serenity. These connectional claims seem to be of a sort

that could be tested through careful observation and mathematical


On the question: What then is the relation between psychology and theology?

Roberts answered the following:

―Insofar as theology makes statements about human nature and its
fulfilment, about proper and improper human motivation, about
ways in which the human spirit can develop properly and
improperly, then a part of theology seems to be a kind of
psychology, and one formally similar to "personality theory." Insofar
as psychology indulges in broad and fundamental claims about the

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Interview Respondent 10 (Revised English interview)

What do you think is the correlation between your leadership style and

your personality type?

I believe that the people in the church just got to relate to the pastor. Who you

are depends on the kind of person who will relate to you. This relating to you

is what keeps people in the church beyond the preaching and leading. I

believe that you are not called for the whole world, there are people called

specifically to you. For these people your personality matters more than your

calling or your gifts. So I think there is a correlation.

Describe your personality type?

I think my personality is driven by the way I was raised. I am an open person

and a people‘s person. My vision in life is to see people come to church in a

broken state, but my biggest joy is to see a person change after a few months.

To see that a person has received Christ, opened up and see there is hope for

the future. I believe that has to do with how you relate to the people and it

calls me to be near my people. I believe in the fact that my people must know

that I am called by God and I hear them. I am convinced that what makes a

person acknowledge his or her leader, is knowing that tough you are just a

person, you are called by God. That ensures a person that my needs will be

met, my prayers will be answered because I am led by a man of God, then

you come to another level where you relate. That is the kind of person I am. I

like to analyse, I like to write things down, and I want to know how many

people were in the service and in the cell groups. I want to be part of

everything. I want people to feel that I am available; they must know that I am

there for them.

Describe your leadership style?

I am a hands-on leader. I think I am a motivational leader because I really

mentor my people. I will never send somebody to do something that I have

never done. If I say to a person to lead this group or department I want him or

her to be assured that I am not there to find fault, but I am there to help and

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