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La Aldea Policies and Procedures for Hall Living


disciplinary action.

Sexual Misconduct: Please note that the Student Code of Conduct defines sexual misconduct as “engaging

in any non-consensual sexual contact with another person(s), or indecent exposure.” Please see the Student

Code of Conduct for additional information or updates.

THREATENING BEHAVIOR: Threatening Behavior is prohibited. “Threatening behavior” means any statement,

communication, conduct or gesture, including those in written form, directed toward any member of the

University community that causes a reasonable apprehension of physical harm to a person or property. A

student can be guilty of threatening behavior even if the person who is the object of the threat does not

observe or receive it, so long as a reasonable person would interpret the maker’s statement, communication,

conduct or gesture as a serious expression of intent to physically harm. The Policy on Threatening Behavior by

Students can be found here.


 Ammunition: Live ammunition is not permitted in La Aldea.

 Explosives and Fireworks: You may not sell, possess or use any kind of explosive device or fireworks.

 Weapons: You may not possess, store, carry, or use any weapon, ammunition, or explosive as this is

prohibited on all University property. The University of Arizona is a weapon-free campus, and this

applies to La Aldea. Weapons include, but are not limited to:

o Firearms

o Simulated firearms

o Dangerous chemicals

o Any explosive device

o Electronic Control Device (Tasers)

o Nun chucks

o Brass Knuckles

o Knives

o Butterfly knives

o Swords

o Any other object that can be used to intimidate, threaten or endanger others.

 Simulated Weapons: The weapon-free campus policy also applies to simulated weapons. These

include paintball guns or equipment, and any other material that can be used to intimidate,

threaten or endanger others. All simulated weapons are prohibited from La Aldea. If you are found

in possession of a simulated weapon, you may be subject to eviction from the La Aldea community.

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