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Page 274

£l €iim pttignsdcfaMr ' toU Mb I
rccc »abilo •«Murcot ante not craM iitDi-

maruni tctnuum flobi« awendrtitcs qiutd de p«too
magpo, runmiaqoe dcekkntg» in c—


te u i. Q«o«hi
pmbeiiis encmyKpoitc dnelor
me 1010111 In medio tinebramiii a liorridM
rettqoit. At dim iidcm glofai
Aiooe modo alu peterml, modo Imm bontii mot-
rrent, cerno onaio quae Mcondeboiit lMt%lo
marum plena caM tpiHtibaa homln um, qoi
favilUram cum tamo aacendenthun nunc ad avbH-
miora prolicerentur, nunc retractia ignium vaporlbot
rclaberentur in profunda. Scd ct fiietor ineoaipan-
bilis cum eisdcm vaporibus cboUiciia oauda iHa
tenebrarum loca replebat. Ki cum diottai firf pa%i-

> Vig, Atm. Ti. MO.
• For diMoa in momof praf^odHy. Dr. J-

eallad *" a da«M» ol wit."

Page 275


tJiej leaped hmek into Ummkkt wT the immiencheble
lo be ban i cd . Ami e» en inlmltc niOBber of

,pMU ««ft lonwnted withottt eeertiw
tte eiihippjr I HiiHliiifi liv ami wide at I

I befM lotiMi&et tlUi peradveBlm
It be hriUoTvbM iBlolefable taniiefit» 1 have

rtteai Irll. Tba guide who wae in
ftoBt Made aiww tf to thk thoafia of mine : * So,
thiaiinolio* 1^ this It not ball MlboadosiMipfMMe.'

** Bat wlim he beoaflM mmon furthrr bjr little
and httlr. brinK «oraly aiiriglacd vith «o tririble a
ii|[irt, I «aw tile plaeaa baAire as mddenljr loie tbcir
bfibt and every eanwr Ml of darbnei. And at we
mated bito it. wilbiA a lillla apace it baaaoM ao
hieb IImU I %jiw noCbtan bnt tile darbncw, «aWnir

onljr tiM bdiHit «low and coat of him which did
ffafale me. And a* wr went forward ' throiaah ti»c
hadowa banaatb thr «olitary nifrht/ > brhold» aml-

drnly tlmve appaared beiare a» many roand llawa *
oi gtkkf iam aa, aaaaadtaf mit vare oat of a great
l>it and fallii^ down again into tiM lame. And
«lien I had bean bwwi^ ht thiiiicr, mWlenly mjr coo-

awajt and Icll ma alone in the
of tile darlnam and borrilde sight. But aa

tiie «aid Hawv of fire without ccMation would now
fly up into thr element, now fall hack again into
thr deep clunirrl.* I mwthe top» of exery flaw that

1» fail of men't spiritit wliich in manner of
iting «p wttb tiie moke were aoiiie-

timaa tlmw in a-bigb, mmatimei». when thr fumm of
the ftrr were gone, fell back Into the drpth* brk>w.
\fnrr«>%rr. »n innulferable ttench breaking out with
he %Mmr fumes filled all tlie dark pUees aboot«

And ji« I tarried tlierr somewhat kmg in fear, not


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