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group of initiates had integrated this Light and their Sun Chakra's became the vortex of
energy symbolising what you know as your lower chakras. The creative forces they
tapped into and utilised for manifestation is what eventually became an abused energy,
and the rest, as they say, is history. Now you stand before the Councils of Light and are
receiving your divine right to reactivate that energetic force again. All of you here today,
and those who come to find my words in the future, were a part of the group in Atlantis
we referred to.

The activation of the Sun Chakra at this level, meaning the mergence of your base,
sacral and solar plexus chakras, which is “birthed” in the form of the Sun Chakra, will in
a manner of speaking force you to move beyond the constructs of illusion embodying
any kind of constrictive web, or disempowering creation. Know that your attention will
be guided to focus on your creative power and how it is meant to be utilised. I speak not
of playful creativity in the sense of painting a picture for relaxation, or decorating a
bowl. I speak of creative manifestation power. This takes the definition of creativity into
a completely new dimension for you, and all of you will be asked to master the 555
levels of Sun Chakra energy therefore, and yes hold onto your boots, 555 initiations, but
you have completed much more than this in your lifetime already. These initiations are
not purely of a physical nature. You will undergo approximately 15 of your 555
initiations in a so called physical nature. The rest will unfold through your emotional,
mental, spiritual, crystalline and quantum bodies. These bodies naturally impact on your
material reality.

Your initiation, as such, for now is walking the path of the Master Manifestor. No soul
can ascend beyond the current realms of limitation & illusion unless they have mastered
the positive art of manifestation. This is why understanding fear based reactions is so
important. Your fear deprives you of your title as master over the material world. You
are master manifestors, the time has simply come to remember how to do this
manifesting more of the positive qualities than repeating the manifestation of the
negative qualities which your fear based motivations create as negative or destructive
patterns, which has been the theme of manifestation you ave become accustomed to
experiencing in life. Thus applying the Laws of Positive Manifestation in a conscious
manner is crucial.

Before we give you any more information it is time now for us to take you through the
energetic connection and activation of the union of your 3 lower chakras and introduce
you to the energy of this extremely powerful creative force. All of you have been
experiencing limitation in some or other area of your life. Now is your time to take what
it is that eludes you and focus upon it while you activate the energy we shall guide you
through today. Take a few moments to consider what aspect of lack or limitation you
wish to focus upon so as to change it and bring it into its powerful positive creative

Relax your body and inhale deeply, exhale fully and continue relaxing your body and

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your mind. Imagine your body becoming warm as an imagined sun shines brightly upon
your skin. Open your energy to call forth the power of the sun. Welcome Lord Ra,
welcome Lord Soltec, and welcome into your presence the Sun Children. The Sun
Children represent the innocent creative power present within all life. Their presence is
there to rekindle the same power within you, liberating your inner child to reconnect
with its freedom to express itself positively, constructively, creatively and in an
empowered fashion. Continue breathing as you connect with each of the Sun Children
who grace you with their presence.

Lord Ra moves closer toward you and places a golden chain around your neck with a
large sun disk. Notice where the sun disk rests upon your body, in other words which
chakra is it aligned with? This indicates to you which chakra in your body requires solar
energy the most. The sun melts the aspect of self trapped in isolation, therefore the
healing the sun disk brings you results in the melting of the isolated aspects of self
connected within the chakra it rests upon.

Breathe and relax. Lord Soltec, one of the great Lords of Love, and whose responsibility
it is at this time to merge the Science of Love with the Science of Spirit, stands before
you and offers you another golden disk etched with symbols and patterns. This is the
Code of Divine Love that you resonate with personally. Take this disk from him and do
whatever you feel intuitively motivated to do with it.

Lord Ra moves to stand behind you and places a hand on your lower back filling you
with added warmth. Become aware of the sound of his breathe behind you and begin to
breathe in the same rhythm as he is. Now, focus upon what it was you decided to bring
into the Sun Chakra activation, in other words, the lack or limitation you wish to
transmute. Hold this in your mind and begin moving this vision down your spine and
into your sacral chakra. Feel the warmth of Lord Ra enfolding this vision of yours and
feel his energy enfolding every chakra within your body.

Now take your breath to your sacral chakra and imagine yourself breathing through
your sacral chakra. Lord Ra, the Lord of the Sun brings you the gift of a divine aspect of
yourself, an aspect that embodies mastery. At this particular time it does not matter
whether you know what this aspect embodies or not. What is important is that this
vibration be encoded in your sacral chakra. He begins emitting a vibration through his
palm chakra into your sacral chakra, activating the ability to receive this code that shall
allow this divine aspect of yourself to merge with you. This divine aspect will play a role
of supporting you in your positive creative endeavours and facilitate a time line in which
you shall grow immensely and rapidly in the sense of understanding what your positive
creative purpose is, in other words, how your creativity and life purpose are connected.
This becomes your creative purpose. This divine aspect is a part of your future self, and
once you have completed the initiation this aspect takes you through, it will become a
permanent aspect of your physical conscious self.

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