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 Product: KIA is providing cars with good quality and with good design

alongside with after sales services to the customers and potential customers.

They have also got some unique selling point, which creates the core

competencies of the brand that is the 7-year warranty of cars and repairing

services. While choosing for product in the marketing mix, general factors are

met by the manufacturers or any particular brand but the brand has to promote

something distinctive so that they can maintain their core competencies in the

eyes of the customers by which the customers can only recall the brand based

on those competitive advantages and can differentiate the brand on the

grounds of competitiveness and here the 7 year warranty of cars is the

competitive advantage of KIA motors which can also be termed as USP

(Unique Selling Point) (The Marketing Mix for KIA; KIA Motors Case


 Price: KIA motors not only providing great quality cars to it’s customers, but

they also providing them with cheaper and competitive rates than any other

motor company. It is another USP of KIA motors and the competitive price is

providing another advantage over competitors (The Marketing Mix for KIA;

KIA Motors Case Study).

 Place: KIA motors has already set 166 dealership stores in the UK market and

they have already started to expand their numbers of outlets. As they try to set

their marketing strategies based on the aim that they want to be the giant

leader in the motor car industry, so they have already set up large and small

stores in the European market and it can prove that they are setting up their

visions very strongly (The Marketing Mix for KIA; KIA Motors Case Study).

 Promotions: As the European market is very much hard to enter and if they

enter somehow into the market, then they may not survive in the long run until

or unless they come up with something unique and distinctive in the eyes of

the customers and survive in the market. KIA motors very smartly planned

their marketing strategies by setting forth their promotional campaigns by

doing sports marketing and by sponsoring sports like cricket, football, tennis

etc. By their promotional campaigns, they tried to enlighten the fun approach

of the brand. They also tried to maintain a good PR (public relations) with the

European audience and associating with the high profile sporting events that

can develop the brand awareness and brand recognition to the highest extend.

Besides these activities, they did above the line and below the line promotions,

which represents promoting to the mass market, and the latter one represents

the specific market respectively. Most importantly, by sponsoring in the social

media and other online media, they keep promoting themselves that they are

supposed to be the one to whom the customers in the UK market can really

trust and there are other several environmental issues that was considered as

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Cricket, Football or even Tennis are enjoyed by millions of people in the UK and this

was the chance KIA took. They sponsored with these major sporting events and after

that it (sponsorship) helped them to develop good public relations (PR) with European

audience and also it helped to build positive perception of the brand. As a large pool

of employees watch these events, then they get to know KIA as sponsors and it helped

KIA to engage with potential customers who now sees them (KIA) in a positive way.

As in the European market, KIA motors lacks awareness and recognition, so the

sponsorship technique helped KIA to deal with the brand awareness and creates a

unique image in the minds of the customers (existing as well as potential). By

leveraging themselves with exciting and interesting games, KIA tried to show that

they (KIA) are also exciting and interesting (KIA Sponsorship-Sports Marketing; KIA

Motors Case Study).

There are many sporting events in the UK and amongst them Cricket, Football and

Tennis are the major events that the audience must watch almost all the time. In case

of Cricket, they have created a 5-year partnership with Surrey County Cricket Club

including extensive branding like shirt sponsorship and naming rights for the historic

KIA Oval Cricket ground. Kia became the official sponsor of FIFA World Cup when

they started their journey in 2002 in Korea Japan and they expanded until 2022. KIA

also sponsors Australian Open for 10 years and Rafael Nadal is KIA’s global

ambassador (KIA Sponsorship-Sports Marketing; KIA Motors Case Study).

There are other several factors that sponsorship helped KIA to raise its profile

amongst the key target markets. They have combined sponsorship and social media to

support their promotional activities and to gain the below line workers. This will help

to create the relationship with customers through online. There are other social

mediums like Facebook, YouTube subscription channels by which KIA started to

increase the awareness amongst the potential customers. Several other things like

CRM activities etc. helped them a lot interact with the customers and to create a

positive image in the minds of the customers. They started doing something good for

the customers and spreads the news virally in the internet so that it goes from one

person to another (Viral Marketing) and at the end creates positive word of mouth to

the customers as well. KIA also supported environmental issues to attract the below

line customers who are case sensitive in regards to CSR activities as well as public

relations/relations. They have matched their positioning and brand associations

together to create something new in the eyes of the potential customers so that the

customers buy KIA motorcars and can compete with the other well-established car

companies in Europe (Above the line and below the line promotions; KIA Motors

Case Study).

So thus the exact way, KIA showed that throughout the promotional activities, they

proved that they became the major players in the UK as they are associated with the

high profile sporting events.

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