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Page 181

"Wait a minute now." Panic washed over his face, into his voice. "Let's take a
second here."

“Take a second." Mortification was quickly outweighing the hurt and the anger.
"Take a week.

Take the rest of your life. Just take it someplace where I'm not."

She stormed out of his office. Since bloodcurdling terror still had a grip on him,
he didn't consider going after her.

In love with him? She wasn't supposed to fall in love with him. She was
supposed to let him seduce her into bed, be sensible enough to keep things
simple. She was supposed to be careful and practical and smart enough to keep

from falling in love with .

He'd worked it all out, and now she was messing up the plan. He'd made himself
very specific promises when his engagement had fallen apart. The first of which
was to be sure he didn't put himself in that position again—a position where he
was vulnerable to someone else's whims and ABC Amber LIT Converter ABC Amber LIT Converter wishes. To the point that his own ended
up shattered around him.

His life was nothing like he'd thought it would be. Women—his mother, Lily—
had shifted the lines on him. But damn it, he his life now.

"Women." Disgusted, he dropped into the chair behind his desk. “There's no
figuring them."

"Men. They want everything their way."

Dana lifted her glass of wine in Malory's direction. "Sing it, sister."

Hours after she'd stalked out of Flynn's office, Malory was soothing her
wounded pride with a nice Pinot Grigio, female companionship, and salon
treatments in the comfort of her own home.

There were a number of things to discuss, but she couldn't think about paintings

Page 362

"Most of what's happened, it's beyond the scope of anything we could have
imagined, anything we might have believed a few weeks ago. And what's
happened, it's changed me. In a good way," she added, turning toward him. "I
like to think it's a good way."

"If you're going to tell me you turned the key in that lock, and now you don't
love me anymore, that's too damn bad for you. Because you're stuck."

"No, I'm… Stuck?" she repeated. "What do you mean ?'

"With me, my ugly couch and my sloppy dog. You're not wiggling your way out
of it, Malory."

"Don't take that tone with me." She set the flute down. "And don't think for one
minute you can stand there and tell me I'm stuck with you, because stuck
with ."

He set his flute beside hers. "Is that right?"

"That's exactly right. I've just outwitted an evil Celtic god. You're child's play for

"You want to fight?"


They both grabbed for each other. With his mouth on hers, she let out a strangled
sigh. And held on for her life. She drew back, but kept her arms linked around
his neck.

"I'm exactly right for you, Flynn."

"Then it's really handy that I'm in love with you. You're my key, Mal. The one
key to all the locks."

"You know what I want right now? I want a hot bath, some soup, and a nap on
an ugly couch."

“Today's your lucky day. I can arrange that for you." Taking her hand, he led her

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