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Joemar: Buenas tardes la Señora Perla!

Ma’am Pearl: Buenas tardes tambien, el senorito Joemar!

Both: And good evening, ladies and gentlemen!

Ma’am Pearl: You look handsome tonight!

Joemar: Gracias, Señora Perla. You also look beautiful tonight!

Ma’am Pearl: Well, I have all the reasons to be dressed up tonight because this is going to be a very
wonderful experience for all of us!

Joemar: I agree with you Ma’am Pearl. And I’m sure that all of us here went out of our ways to look as
dazzling as possible for this very special occasion.

Ma’am Pearl: Yes, that’s right! It’s really great to see our Juniors and Seniors in their Spanish Latino
outfits. The girls are stunning while the boys are ravishing!

Joemar: Yes, Ma’am Pearl. Obviously, everyone, including us, is prepared for this occasion! I say this
because we also have researched about Spanish expressions that we could also use in our script to suffice
the call of the occasion!

Ma’am Pearl: Yes, that’s right, Jomz. And I am already excited to deliver those Spanish lines!

Both: So, buenas tardes las damas y caballeros!

Joemar: In English, good evening ladies and gentlemen!

Both: La bienvenida a Junior de este año y el paseo marítimo principal del
departamento de la escuela secundaria de la Universidad del Perpetuo Socorro
Sistema Dalta!

Ma’am Pearl: In English, welcome to this year's Junior and Senior promenade of the high school
department of the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA!

Joemar: The JS Prom surely marks a special event for every student present this evening because this is
considered as one of the most awaited highlights in the course of a high school life.

Ma’am Pearl: I agree with you, Jomz. As we savor every exhilarating moment of the night, we will try to
make this experience a remarkable one.

Joemar: Para empezar, por favor, lugar de la invocación a ser dirigida por Lois Ann
Rance, un lay-out de la artista Perpetualite Junior.

Ma’am Pearl: To start with, please rise for the invocation to be led by Lois Ann Rance, a lay-out artist of
the Junior Perpetualite.


Ma’am Pearl: Por favor, permanecer de pie durante el canto del Himno Nacional de
Filipinas, con Jobeth P. Zerrudo, secretario del club High School Choir.

Joemar: Please remain standing for the singing of the Philippine National Anthem, with Jobeth P.
Zerrudo, secretary of the High School Choir club.

Ma’am Pearl: Ahora puede estar sentado.

Joemar: You may now be seated.

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