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                            Journal of the 78th General Convention
	Table of Contents
	Volume I
		Part I - Directory
			Officers of the General Convention
			The Executive Council
			Officers of the Provinces
		Part II - Reports
			Adopted Budget 2016 - 2018
				Budget narrative
				Line Items
				Joint Standing Committe on Program, Budget & Finance
			Report of the Registrar of the General Convention
			Report of the Recorder of Ordinations
				Ordinations to the Priesthood Since 2012 of Those Ordained Deacons Before 2012
				Bishops Consecrated Since Last Recorder Report
				Depositions, Renunciations, Releases, Removals
				Receptions (From Denominations in Communion with The Episcopal Church and Denominations in Historic Succession but not in Communion with The Episcopal Church)
				Receptions (From Provinces in the Anglican Communion)
				Clergy Ordained Deacon and Priest
				Alphabetical Listing of Clergy Included in this Report
		Part III - The House of Bishops
			House of Bishops Officers
			House of Bishops Roster
			House of Bishops Minutes  
78th General Convention
				Day 1
				Day 2
				Day 3
				Day 4
				Day 5
				Day 6
				Day 7
				Day 8
				Day 9
				Appendix A 
Make-Up of the House of Bishops
				Appendix B  
House of Bishops Legislative Committe Rosters
			House of Bishops Minutes  
Interim Meetings
				Kanuga Conference Center, Hendersonville, NC,  
March 8 - 13, 2013
				Nashville, Tennessee, 
September 19 - 24, 2013
				Camp Allen, Texas,
March 21 - 25, 2014
				Taipei, Taiwan, 
September 17 - 23, 2014
				Kanuga Conference Center, Hendersonville, NC, 
March 13 - 17, 2015
	Volume II
		Part IV - The House of Deputies
			House of Deputies Officers
			Deputies to the 78th General Convention
			House of Deputies Minutes 
78th General Convention
				Day 1
				Day 2
				Day 3
				Day 4
				Day 5
				Day 6
				Day 7
				Day 8
				Day 9
				Appendix A
House of Deputies Legislative Committees
		Index of Resolution Actions
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Journal of the
77th General Convention

of the
Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America

otherwise known as
The Episcopal Church


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Journal of the
78th General Convention

Of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the
United States of America Otherwise Known as



Page 490

Kanuga, Spring 2013 House of Bishops

Appendix B


Caring for all the Churches
A Response of the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church

to an expressed need of the Church

The church is the Body of Christ. Our life in this Body is a continuing action of God’s grace among us.
In Christ’s power alone the church is “joined together and grows into a holy temple in the Lord”
(Eph. 2:21). Through the church’s common life in Christ, God intends to signify to the world the
beginning of a new and reconciled creation.

We know that the unity with God that Christ has won for humanity, he won through the victory of his
passion. We are mindful of the suffering Jesus who, on the cross and through his resurrection,
reaches into every corner of alienated human life, reconciling and restoring to the household of God
all who come to him in faith. By God’s grace the church is continually called, in repentance and hope,
to be a trustworthy sign to the world of this costly reconciling power of God. As we trust in Christ
and follow him, we share in his unity with the Father through the Holy Spirit. Communion in the
Trinity is the salvation of the world. The church, thus, exists for the sake of the world. Therefore, for
the sake of the world, bishops have been called “[to] serve before God day and night in the ministry
of reconciliation” (BCP, p. 521) – a ministry which is to be carried out “with all humility and
gentleness, with patience, bearing one another in love, making every effort to maintain the unity of
the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Eph. 4:2-3).

We as bishops are not of a common mind about issues concerning human sexuality. Different points
of view on these matters also exist within our dioceses and congregations. In some instances there
are significant differences between congregation(s) and the bishop, and few of our congregations
are themselves of one mind. As we exercise pastoral leadership in our dioceses, we pledge ourselves
to work always towards the fullest relationship, seeking, as the Archbishop of Canterbury has said,
“the highest degree of communion.” We have committed ourselves to living through this time of
disagreement in love and charity and with sensitivity to the pastoral needs of all members of our

In the circumstances of disagreement regarding the actions of the 74th and subsequent General
Conventions on issues of human sexuality, we commit ourselves to providing and to making
provision for pastoral care for dissenting congregations, and we recognize that there may be a need
for a bishop to delegate some pastoral oversight. Oversight means the episcopal acts performed as
part of a diocesan bishop’s ministry either by the Bishop Diocesan or by another bishop to whom
such responsibility has been delegated by the Diocesan. In other Anglican Provinces, the term
“pastoral oversight” signifies what we mean by “pastoral care.” In our Episcopal Church polity,

Journal of the 78th General Convention


Page 491

Kanuga, Spring 2013 House of Bishops

Appendix B

“oversight” does not confer “jurisdiction.” We are aware of current examples of the delegation of
pastoral oversight in the gracious accommodations which have occurred in some dioceses. As we
commit ourselves to a process for Delegated Episcopal Pastoral Oversight, we also recognize the
constitutional and canonical authority of bishops and the integrity of diocesan boundaries. We are in
accord with the statement of the Primates: “Whilst we affirm the teaching of successive Lambeth
Conferences that bishops must respect the autonomy and territorial integrity of dioceses and
provinces other than their own, we call on the provinces concerned to make adequate provision for
episcopal oversight of dissenting minorities within their own area of pastoral care in consultation
with the Archbishop of Canterbury on behalf of the Primates.”

We recognize that we face a complex set of needs. Some Christians of a traditional perspective on
matters of human sexuality find themselves in dioceses where the actions of the 74th and subsequent
General Conventions are overwhelmingly affirmed and where diocesan policies and practices are in
line with those General Convention actions (for example, in the ordination of persons living in same-
sex partnerships and in episcopal permission for the blessing of same-sex unions). At the same time,
some Christians who affirm the actions of the 74th and subsequent General Conventions find
themselves in dioceses where the actions of those conventions are overwhelmingly opposed, and
where diocesan policies do not permit the ordination of persons living in same-sex partnerships or
the blessings of same-sex unions. In both cases, it is essential to provide a “safe space” for the
exercise of conscience. A particular issue surrounds the ordination of persons from a “minority”
perspective within a diocese. Often persons whose perspective runs contrary to that of the majority
in a diocese feel that they cannot test their vocation to the diaconate or the priesthood; that their
vocations will be dismissed out of hand, without a fair hearing. Thus Delegated Episcopal Pastoral
Oversight needs to include the possibility that persons from a parish receiving episcopal ministry
under the provisions of this document may test their vocation in that bishop’s diocese.

Sensitive pastoral care does not presuppose like-mindedness. Bishops and congregations have
frequently disagreed about particular articulations and interpretations of scripture and the Creeds
while being able to transcend their differences through common prayer and celebration of the
sacraments of the new covenant. Bishops promise to “support all baptized people in their gifts and
ministries” (BCP, p. 518), and that pledge must not be limited to the like-minded. Our theology and
practice hold that ordination and consecration provide the gifts and grace necessary for the
sacramental acts of a bishop to be effectual. (See article XXVI of the Articles of Religion: Of the
Unworthiness of the Ministers, which hinders not the effect of the Sacraments.) Yet the conflict
over human sexuality reminds us that our support and pastoral care may need to take unusual and
extraordinary forms for the sake of the unity of the church.

As bishops we are “servants of Christ and stewards of God’s mysteries” (1 Cor. 4:1), a ministry that
none of us possesses alone. Together we must be signs of unity. We seek unity for the sake of the

Journal of the 78th General Convention


Page 979

Resolutions Index

Res# Resolution Title Action Page(s)
D064 Provincial Block Grants Discharge /

Take No Further Action

D065 Amend House of Deputies Rule of Order XIV.E.3 Adopt/a 711
D066 Worship Offerings at General Convention Concur/a 437, 733
D067 Non-Participation in For-Profit Prisons Concur/a 424, 810
D068 Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline Concur/a 440, 837
D069 Birthright Citizenship Concur/a 447, 947
D070 Amend Book of Common Prayer Discharge /Take No

Further Action

D071 Call for Ratification of the UN CRPD Concur 299, 835
D072 New Visions Concur/a 436, 799
D073 Supporting Home and Community Based Services Concur/a 360, 410, 796
D074 Temporary Protective Status for Immigrants at Risk Concur 360, 408, 793
D075 Reinvigorate the Accountabiltiy of GTS to General Convention Concur/s 455, 896, 913
D076 Collect Title IV Information Concur 322, 897
D077 Uniting Families Concur/a 360, 410, 797
D078 Commending Institute for Healing of Memories and The Revd

Fr Michael Lapsley, SSM
Concur/a 403, 741

D079 Education for Undocumented Families Concur/a 360, 409, 796
X001 Appointment of Michael Barlowe as Secretary of General

Concur 321, 548

X002 Special Order Calendar for the House of Deputies Adopt 553
X003 Appointments on the Board of Archives Concur 242, 321, 555
X004 Appointments for the Board for Transition Ministry Concur 321, 555
X005 House Organized Adopt 183
X006 Episcopal Migration Ministry: 75 years of Welcoming the

Adopt 208

X007 Episcopal Relief and Development: 75 Years of Healing a
Hurting World

Adopt 209

X008 Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil: 125 Years of Gospel

Adopt 209

X009 National Association of Episcopal Schools: 50 Years of
Supporting our Episcopal Schools

Adopt 210

X010 Presiding Bishop's Appointments Concur 242, 397
X011 Presiding Bishop’s Nominations Concur/a 243, 862, 424
X012 Special Order of Debate for Structure Adopt 697, 698, 744
X013 Special Order for Debate on Marriage Adopt 710, 778
X014 Notice to Deputies Adopt 756
X015 Confirmation of the Executive Council (clergy) Adopt 361
X016 Confirmation of the Trustees of the Church Pension Fund Adopt 398
X017 Confirmation of the Trustees of GTS (Clergy and Lay members) Adopt 361
X018 Confirmation of the Executive Council (lay) Adopt 362
X019 Confirmation of Executive Council (Bishops) Adopt 814
X020 Confirmation for the General Board of Examining Chaplains Adopt 815

Journal of the 78th General Convention 963

Page 980

Resolutions Index

Res# Resolution Title Action Page(s)
X021 Confirmation of the Trustees of GTS (Bishops) Adopt 815
X022 Mind of the House of Bishops: “Communion across Difference” Adopt 378

X023 Election of Treasurer of General Convention Adopt 910
X024 Thanking Bishop Katharine for her leadership as Presiding

Adopt 467

X025 Thanksgiving to the Diocese of Utah for Hosting our 78th
General Convention

Adopt 402

X026 Thanksgiving to the people of Salt Lake City for their

Adopt 403

X027 Thanksgiving to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Adopt 404
X028 Thanksgiving for the 125 years of Generosity of the United

Thank Offering
Adopt 404

X029 Prayers and Support for the Anglican Province of Burundi Adopt 401
X030 Thanksgiving for Sue Wood and her 30 years of service to the

House of Bishops
Adopt 405

X031 Thanksgiving for those who have served our Church, our
Presiding Bishop, and the House of Bishops

Adopt 405

X032 Confirmation of the Trustees of GTS (Lay members) Adopt 424
X033 The Right Reverend G. Richard Millard Adopt 405
X034 Express Gratitude for the Ministry of the Rt. Rev. Kenneth L.

Price, Jr.
Adopt 456

X035 On the Election of the Trustees to the Church Pension Fund Adopt 398
X036 Election of Vice President and Secretary of the House of

Adopt 466

Journal of the 78th General Convention 964

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