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Djibouti JAM Report 2013 – January 2014

United Nations
World Food Programme


United Nations

High Commissioner for
Refugees (UNHCR)


Ali Addeh and Holl Holl Camps,

18 to 24

November 2013

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In the line with the income generation activities, a souvenir making project is technically supported by volunteers

from JICA. About 150 refugee women are enrolled. Most of the visitors to the camp buy these items. However, the

lack of the permanent market in Ali Addeh surrounding area /Ali Sabieh is a challenge.

4.5. Support to vulnerable

Extremely vulnerable refugees in the Camp are referred to various services for special assistance. Field and

protection staff members in collaboration with IPs follow up on separated children to ensure they attend school.

APEF gives priorities to vulnerable groups when it comes to income-generating activities.

Other vulnerable groups such chronically ill persons are also eligible for selective feeding programme managed by


4.6. Environment

The Ministry of Environment manages a tree nursery in the camp.

Both UNHCR and Ministry of Environment support the use of fuel-saving stoves supplied not only to refugees but

also to host communities’ households in the camp surrounding areas.

5. Registration

All refugees are registered in the UNHCR Progress database. The last registration exercises took place in December

2011 and February 2011.


 UNHCR and its partners in the camp promote the rights of women and girls, ensures that the gender

perspective is mainstreamed in all programs and services and work towards the empowerment of women

and the elimination of violence against them;

 All the camp based Stakeholders including Police and Local Authorities are fully involved in the prevention

and response to sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) through multi sectoral interventions and in

coordinated manner. However, the relevant SOPs need to be reviewed.

 A functional SGBV counselling center managed by UNFD.

A. General framework of the UNHCR/WFP Joint Assessment Mission:

The ultimate goal of the partnership between UNHCR and WFP is to ensure that food security of the refugees and

asylum seekers, as well as all additional needs necessary to ensure worthy life conditions are adequately

addressed and met.

Specifically, UNHCR and WFP seek to contribute to:

 The restoration and maintenance of a sound nutritional status through adequate food assistance that

meets internationally acceptable standards of assessed nutritional requirements; and

 The promotion of self-reliance among the refugees, through the implementation of appropriate

programmes to develop livelihood activities for income generation, which facilitate a progressive shift of

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