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Table of Contents
Part One - The Verdict
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Part Two - The Campaign
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Part Three - The Opinion
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Page 173

It’s been there for years.”
“But I had a legitimate opponent,” McElwayne added. “This guy is a

“Nuts get elected.”


wenty minutes later, Tony Zachary watched the show in his locked
office, four blocks away. Marlin had captured it all on video, and was
more than pleased to see it again.
“We’ve created a monster,” Tony said, laughing.
“He’s good.”
“Maybe too good.”
“Anybody else you want in the race?”
“No, I think the ballot is complete at this point. Nice work.”
Marlin left, and Tony punched the number for Ron Fisk. Not

surprisingly, the busy lawyer answered after the first ring. “I’m afraid it’s
true,” Tony said gravely, then recounted the announcement and the
“The guy must be crazy,” Ron said.
“Definitely. My first impression is that this is not all bad. In fact, it

could help us. This clown will generate a lot of coverage, and he seems
perfectly willing to take a hatchet to McCarthy.”
“Why do I have a knot in my stomach?”
“Politics is a rough game, Ron, something you’re about to learn. I’m

not worried, not right now. We stick to our game plan, nothing
“It seems to me that a crowded field only helps the incumbent,” Ron

observed. And he was right, as a general rule.
“Not necessarily. There’s no reason to panic. Besides, we can’t do

anything about others who jump in. Stay focused. Let’s sleep on it and
talk tomorrow.”

Page 174

C H A P T E R 18


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