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―No,‖ I say. ―The first time I met him I wound up in jail for three days.‖

―Do you agree with how he‘s handling the case?‖

―Obviously not. He needs to tell them the truth so that the charges will be

―That‘s not how it works,‖ Dr. Cohn says.

―It worked that way in My Cousin Vinny, ‖ I tell him. ―When Joe Pesci tells
the court that the car isn‘t the same as the one the witness identified because it
had different tires.

And it worked that way on CrimeBusters, episode eighty-eight. Do you want me
to tell you about it?‖

―No, that‘s okay,‖ Dr. Cohn says. ―Jacob, what would you do if a witness told
a lie on the stand?‖

I feel my fingers start to flutter, so I clamp my other hand down on top of them.

―How would I know?‖ I say. ―Only the liar knows that he‘s lying.‖

On paper, Jacob Hunt not only looks competent to stand trial but looks like a
damn prelaw student, one who is probably more qualified to defend himself than
I am.

Only the liar knows that he‘s lying.

It‘s the third time I‘ve read Jacob‘s answers to Dr. Cohn, the state shrink, and the
third time that statement has jumped out at me. Is Jacob Hunt brilliant, with a
photographic memory that I could have used back in law school? Or is he just
snowing his mother … and everyone else?

Either way, during my last pass through the report, I realized that I didn‘t have a

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snowball‘s chance in hell of challenging his competency—especially in a place
like Vermont. No, if anyone‘s feeling incompetent right now, it‘s me—because I
have to tell Emma that I‘m not even going to fight the State on this one.

I drive to the Hunts‘—since Emma and Jacob are basically under house arrest, I
can‘t very well ask them to meet me at my office. Thor‘s riding in my lap, half
tucked beneath the steering wheel.

I pull into the driveway and cut the ignition but don‘t make a move to get out of
the car. ―If she goes haywire, I tell the dog, ―I‘m counting on you to defend

Because it‘s cold today—just above zero degrees—I carry Thor inside my coat
and head to the front door. Emma answers before I can even knock. ―Hi, she
says. ―It‘s good to see you. She even smiles a little, which makes her soft
around all the edges. ―Frankly, when you‘re stuck in the house, even a visit
from the electric company meter reader is a highlight of the day.

―And here I thought you were starting to like me. Thor pops his head between
the buttons of my coat. ―Would it be okay to bring him in? It‘s really cold in
the car.

She eyes the dog warily. ―Is it going to pee on my carpet?

―Only if you keep looking at him like that.

I set Thor on the floor of the mudroom and watch him trot away. ―I don‘t like
dog hair, Emma murmurs.

―Then aren‘t you lucky you weren‘t born a spaniel? I take off my coat and
fold it over my arm. ―I got the competency results back.

―And? In one heartbeat, Emma is focused, intense.

―Jacob‘s competent to stand trial.

She shakes her head, as if she hasn‘t quite heard me right. ―You saw what
happened during the arraignment!

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