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TitleJapanese Fairy Tale Series 01 #02- The Tounge-Cut Sparrow
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38 Yotsuya Hommura, Tokyo, Japan.



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When it began

to grow dark, and they began

to talk of going home, the

sparrow brought out two wicker

baskets and said; "Will you

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take the heavy one, or shall I

give you the light one!" The

old people replied: "We are

old, so give us the light one:

it will be

easier to

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21. Three Reflections.

22. The Flowers of Remembrance and Forgetfulness.

23. The Boy Who Drew Cats.
24. The Old WomanWho Lost Her Dumpling.
25. Chin Chin Kobakama.

Oyuchasan with Music.

Kolianasan with Music.

The Children's Japan.
A Day with Mttsu.
Japanese Topsyturvydom.

Japanese Pictures of Japanese Life. I.

Ditto. II.

Residential Rhymes.

Japanese Story-Tellers

Poetical Greetings from the Far East: Japanese Poems.

White Aster, A Japanese Metrical. Romance, and other
Japanese Poems.

The Favorite Flowers of Japan.
Japan's Year. Illustrated in full colours on Japanese

ordinary paper with handpainted cover.

T. HASEGAWA,Publisher & Art-printer,
Tokyo, Japan.

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f T.

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