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THE SEASON: WeHit Rock Bottom
An old adage exists among the inner cir-

cles of the college football world that says

college football programs run in cycles.

If so, let it be said, then, that in 1984,

Tulane Oniversity's football program hit

rock bottom.

It's safe to say things couldn't get much

In the end, there were quite a few things
—things that took place both on and off
the football field —to look back on. The
bad greatly outweighing the good.

Off the field, there were the nagging, on-

going problems between Athletic Director

Hindman Wall and Head Coach Wally Eng-
lish, who was fired at season's end.

From the very beginning of English's
short two year tenure, the two men had
problems. English, who had refused to sign
the contract the previous year, said Wall

reneged on a verbal contract agreement.

Wall denied this.

English said publicly that he was not be-
ing given enough in the way of recruiting
money. Wall said this was not true, telling
English, in effect, to shut up about such

matters. President Eamon Kelly was forced
to issue a gag order on the two men, telling
both of them, in effect, to shut up about
such matters.

There was the Gerald Materne case, a
disgusting little drama in which Materne, a
former graduate assistant coach, named
several Tulane coaches in a breach of con-

tract lawsuit that was eventually settled
out of court.

Prior to the 1983 season, Materne was
caught spying on a Mississippi State foot-

ball practice. He said afterward that he had


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acted on his own and was dismissed from
the staff.

Prior to the 1984 season, however, Ma-

terne's story changed drastically. He said he

had been told by Tulane coaches to say that

he had acted on his own, and he would be

rehired after the incident had "blown over."

He was not rehired, and then came out pub-
licly saying that he had been ordered by

Wave coaches to spy on the Bulldog's prac-
tice. Tulane coaches, of course, denied the



Gerald Broussard (13) goes up to stop a Mississippi
State pass.

Ken Karcher (12) calls the signals as the Wave pre-
pares the next offensive surge.


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