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TitleIT Disaster Recovery Planning for Dummies (ISBN - 0470039736)
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Table of Contents
                            IT Disaster Recovery Planning for Dummies
	About the Author
	Author’s Acknowledgments
	Contents at a Glance
	Table of Contents
		About This Book
		How This Book Is Organized
		What This Book Is — and What It Isn’t
		Assumptions about Disasters
		Icons Used in This Book
		Where to Go from Here
		Write to Us!
	Part I: Getting Started with Disaster Recovery
		Chapter 1: Understanding Disaster Recovery
			Disaster Recovery Needs and Benefits
			Beginning a Disaster Recovery Plan
			Managing the DR Project
			Understanding the Entire DR Lifecycle
		Chapter 2: Bootstrapping the DR Plan Effort
			Starting at Square One
			Resources to Begin Planning
			Emergency Operations Planning
			Preparing an Interim DR Plan
			Building the Interim Plan
			Testing Interim DR Plans
		Chapter 3: Developing and Using a Business Impact Analysis
			Understanding the Purpose of a BIA
			Scoping the Effort
			Conducting a BIA: Taking a Common Approach
			Capturing Data for the BIA
			Introducing Threat Modeling and Risk Analysis
			Performing Threat Modeling and Risk Analysis
			Identifying Critical Components
			Determining the Maximum Tolerable Downtime
			Calculating the Recovery Time Objective
			Calculating the Recovery Point Objective
	Part II: Building Technology Recovery Plans
		Chapter 4: Mapping Business Functions to Infrastructure
			Finding and Using Inventories
			Using High-Level Architectures
			Identifying Dependencies
		Chapter 5: Planning User Recovery
			Managing and Recovering End-User Computing
			Managing and Recovering End-User Communications
		Chapter 6: Planning Facilities Protection and Recovery
			Protecting Processing Facilities
			Selecting Alternate Processing Sites
		Chapter 7: Planning System and Network Recovery
			Managing and Recovering Server Computing
			Managing and Recovering Network Infrastructure
			Implementing Standard Interfaces
			Implementing Server Clustering
		Chapter 8: Planning Data Recovery
			Protecting and Recovering Application Data
			Choosing How and Where to Store Data for Recovery
			Protecting and Recovering Applications
			Off-Site Media and Records Storage
		Chapter 9: Writing the Disaster Recovery Plan
			Determining Plan Contents
			Structuring the Plan
			Managing Plan Development
			Preserving the Plan
			Taking the Next Steps
	Part III: Managing Recovery Plans
		Chapter 10: Testing the Recovery Plan
			Testing the DR Plan
			Conducting Paper Tests
			Conducting Walkthrough Tests
			Conducting Simulation Testing
			Conducting Parallel Testing
			Conducting Cutover Testing
			Planning Parallel and Cutover Tests
			Establishing Test Frequency
		Chapter 11: Keeping DR Plans and Staff Current
			Understanding the Impact of Changes on DR Plans
			Incorporating DR into Business Lifecycle Processes
			Establishing DR Requirements and Standards
			A Multi-Tiered DR Standard Case Study
			Maintaining DR Documentation
			Training Response Teams
		Chapter 12: Understanding the Role of Prevention
			Preventing Facilities-Related Disasters
			Preventing Technology-Related Disasters
			Preventing People-Related Disasters
			Preventing Security Issues and Incidents
			Prevention Begins at Home
		Chapter 13: Planning for Various Disaster Scenarios
			Planning for Natural Disasters
			Planning for Man-Made Disasters
	Part IV: The Part of Tens
		Chapter 14: Ten Disaster Recovery Planning Tools
			Living Disaster Recovery Planning System (LDRPS)
			BIA Professional
			COBRA Risk Analysis
			BCP Generator
			DRI Professional Practices Kit
			Disaster Recovery Plan Template
			SLA Toolkit
			LBL ContingencyPro Software
			Emergency Management Guide for Business and Industry
			DRJ's Toolbox
		Chapter 15: Eleven Disaster Recovery Planning Web Sites
			DRI International
			Disaster Recovery Journal
			Business Continuity Management Institute
			Disaster Recovery World
			Disaster Recovery
			The Business Continuity Institute
			Computerworld Disaster Recovery
			CSO Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
			Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
			Rothstein Associates Inc.
		Chapter 16: Ten Essentials for Disaster Planning Success
			Executive Sponsorship
			Well-Defined Scope
			Committed Resources
			The Right Experts
			Time to Develop the Project Plan
			Support from All Stakeholders
			Testing, Testing, Testing
			Full Lifecycle Commitment
			Integration into Other Processes
		Chapter 17: Ten Benefits of DR Planning
			Improved Chances of Surviving “ The Big One”
			A Rung or Two Up the Maturity Ladder
			Opportunities for Process Improvements
			Opportunities for Technology Improvements
			Higher Quality and Availability of Systems
			Reducing Disruptive Events
			Reducing Insurance Premiums
			Finding Out Who Your Leaders Are
			Complying with Standards and Regulations
			Competitive Advantage
Document Text Contents
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by Peter Gregory, CISA, CISSP

Foreword by Philip Jan Rothstein, FBCI

IT Disaster Recovery



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The technologies in the preceding list are just the high-level details. Within
every option, you have to make many more choices. And many intimate
details of the application, in terms of how transactions work, matter when
making choices, large and small. You can find entire books filled with informa-
tion on application, storage, and cluster architecture. I have only enough
room in this book to take you on a quick tour.

171Chapter 7: Planning System and Network Recovery

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Page 194

172 Part II: Building Technology Recovery Plans

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