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IPS640 SAP Public Sector Records Management


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SAP Public Sector Records Management

SAP for Industries
SAP for Public Sector

Material number 50080810

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SAP AG IPS640 Preface-1

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DMWB: IO Attributes

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How Do I Find the Content Model of a Document?

Open the context menu (history) of a
document and selectInformation
• You find the
document class
• here Transaction: DMWB;
follow the path

LOIO Classes




The other steps
are the same as the steps

for cases

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Figure 7: Parameter ID for Digital Signatures

Customizing for Digital Signature
IMG-Path: Records and Case Management -> Case -> Process Route -> Set Type of Activity.

For the Activity Area SCMG and the desired activity (here PS_MITZ) you must enter Digital Signature in the
Drawing column.

Figure 8: Customizing for the Activity Area for Cases

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Customizing Incoming Post Items for Digital Signature

Incoming e-Mail
• Create a document locally and convert it into PDF format (with the Adobe Acrobat program, for

• The converted PDF document will be digitally signed using the program RMPS_SIGN.
• Create an e-mail and add the following attachments:

o PDF document
o PKCS#7 container of the digital signature

• Send the e-mail to the PSRM System.
• Start the incoming post item process via the inbox in the PSRM system.

Figure 9: Incoming Post Item with Signed Attachments

As Figure 9 shows, the status of the digital signature is displayed. Here the attachments Klageschrift.pdf.P7S and
Anlage1.pdf.P7S are digitally signed. If a red light goes on, this means that the signature could not be verified.

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