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Author – A.Kishore


All answers are my own or copied from other sites; I really appreciate if anybody can
suggest a better answer

1)My cloning is completed successfully but my apps listener is not getting up?? What is
the problem ?

2)I am applying a patch , can I open another session and run adadmin ?

Yes, unless you are running a process where workers are involved

3)I am applying a patch , can I open another session in another node and run adpatch?
(not distributed patching)?


4)When database is up, listener is up. Listener.ora and tnsnames.ora both are configured
properly, still client is not being able to make a connection to the database. What may be
the possible issues?

Check sqlnet.ora and see the client IP Address information is available
tcp.validnode_checking = yes
tcp.invited_nodes = (hostname1, hostname2)

5)How would take the forms trace?

6) Can C driver be applied when database is down?

No, for any patch u are applied authentication is mandatory

7)If users complain they cant see the login page , how you will debug the issue?

Check whether apache is running (ps –ef |grep http), u can also apache log file

8)How you will troubleshoot if concurrent request is taking long time ?

9)If your applying a patch, it was started successfully and in the middle you realize
nothing happening and no update in patch log file, worker log file (no updates & no error
messages) … How to troubleshoot?

10)Is it possible to clone a database from hotbackup?

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Author – A.Kishore



11)When your applying a patch in test mode, does it generate log file?
Yes, never tried though

12)If the user is experiencing performance issues then how you will find the cause?

13)Output & logfiles for requests executed on source instance not working on cloned

Check whether apps listener is running

14)What happens if you don’t give cache size while defining concurrent manager?

Most often when …a request goes "inactive/no manager" and is then processed a short time
later, the solution is to either increase the cache size for your Standard manger, or increase
the actual number of Standard Manager processes that can run. Cache Size is set in the
Concurrent/Manager/Define form. Basically, this regulates how many requests a manager
will pick up for each sleep cycle.

Increasing the cache size within reason allows you to decrease the sleep cycle. In turn, your
managers will wake up and scroll through the tables less frequently, which reduces the
amount of work they have to do as well as the amount of system resources utilized. We see
sleep cycles set to 5 seconds at some customer sites and recommend increasing the value,
since the managers are waking up and re-reading the same table far too frequently. For
reports that for the most part take a minimum of 1 minute to run, the queue wakes up 12
times to check for runnable processes before even one running request completes.

15)If user complaining oracle applications 11i system is running slow , what things you
will check at broad level ?
16)How do you determine if oracle database has corrupt blocks ?

17)Are the existing DB connections dropped if the DB listener is restarted ?

No, never tried though

18)How do you preserve customizations in a cloned Oracle apps environment?
19)If users are unable to see the output of their concurrent requests , what could be the

Apps listener is not running

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Author – A.Kishore


Q) How to check if your system is SSL enabled?

A quick check : If your context file contains the values of
s_url_protocol / s_local_url_protocol set to https, then
your envt has to be SSL-enabled. If the rest of config is
absent but these are set to https, then URL does not resolve
- which is an indirect check of incomplete config.

Also you can use this query to check

from applsys.fnd_profile_option_values
where PROFILE_OPTION_VALUE like 'http%';

Q) Query to find who and when update an Oracle Application user's

SELECT t.user_profile_option_name, profile_option_value,
v.creation_date - v.last_update_date "Change Date",
(SELECT UNIQUE user_name
FROM fnd_user
WHERE user_id = v.created_by) "Created By",
(SELECT user_name
FROM fnd_user
WHERE user_id = v.last_updated_by) "Last Update By"
FROM fnd_profile_options o,
fnd_profile_option_values v,
fnd_profile_options_tl t
WHERE o.profile_option_id = v.profile_option_id
AND o.application_id = v.application_id
AND start_date_active <= SYSDATE
AND NVL (end_date_active, SYSDATE) >= SYSDATE
AND o.profile_option_name = t.profile_option_name
AND level_id = 10001
AND t.LANGUAGE IN (SELECT language_code
FROM fnd_languages
WHERE installed_flag = 'B'
SELECT nls_language
FROM fnd_languages
WHERE installed_flag = 'B')
ORDER BY user_profile_option_name;

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