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should be. We both believe in communication, respect, trust, support, honesty, and shared

responsibility. We know our roles, and understand what each of us must do to maintain these

roles. We match each other’s level of involvement and are responsible with our actions. Lastly,

we hold our friendship very highly and will do what it takes to continue to become closer.

Another basic friendship need, or reason why people develop friendships, is affirmation.

In my opinion, this is the most important factor in a friendship. It means that the person

confirms our personal values and helps reinforces our abilities. Megan and I have similar values

about school, grades, priorities, relationships, family, religion, and friends. I believe this is

because were raised similarly, in the same neighborhood and in the same schools. We also met

each other through tennis, which has been one of the biggest parts of my life.

The last principle that characterizes my friendship with Megan is ego support. This is a

very large part of our friendship because we are so informed with each other’s lives. Because we

are always so busy with schoolwork, we let each other know the big assignments and projects we

have for that week. It is rare that we don’t know each other’s schedules. We relate to each other

through empathy, knowing exactly what each other is going through with the stress of school.

We are both majoring in communications, wanting to go into advertising so we have similar

courses, assignments, and goals. We also have similar studying habits, where we stay up late to

finish our work. We offer support and encouragement with every small assignment, project,

paper, or test. It sounds strange to be so focused around school but when it is so time consuming

and stressful, it is just something we have to help each other get through. It is so nice to have

someone who gives you support, who tells you that you will get everything done, who

understands the stress but doesn’t give you any pressure or criticism.

Apart from school, Megan is very supportive of my tennis. We played on the same team

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relationship with Jacob are storage love type, similarity attraction theory, and equity theory.

Out of all the love types discussed in class, Jacob and I fit the storage love type the best.

This love type is about companionship, where friendships develop into romantic relationships.

Because we have been best friends since freshman year in high school, our relationship has

developed out of a non-romantic friendship. This has worked out well because by already

knowing Jacob’s personality, his shortcomings and his positive traits, I already had an idea of

what our relationship would be like. Dating my best friend has been easy and effortless. We

know how to act around each other already and know what to do and what not to do. Our

communication as a result of this love type is fairly similar to our communication that we had

when we were friends. Our sense of humor is the same and we use inside jokes and personalized

language. The amount of self-disclosure is about the same as well, but it is a different type of

self-disclosure. It is now more focused on how we feel about each other instead of disclosing

information about only ourselves.

The first attraction theory that defines my relationship with Jacob is similarity. This goes

hand in hand with the storage love type because the reason we started becoming friends was

because of our similar beliefs, values, and interests. Jacob and I both play tennis and we have

trained together for years. We have the same sense of humor and the same easy going

personality. We have both ended up at St. Edward’s and play for the tennis team. Our parents

have raised us in similar ways and therefore we have similar goals in life. In my opinion, this

has a big impact on our attraction to each other. As Tamara Warta puts it, “…couples with

similar interests tend to last longer, as their relationship is rooted in an emotional attraction rather

than a more superficial one. Sharing a common interest in goals and activities, often attracts

people before physique, leading to a deeper and more meaningful relationship.” This is true for

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