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Combinations of these technologies are leading to a complete democratization of media.

Individuals find themselves with the same possibilities as mayor newspapers, groups start

weblogs that compete with global content distributors, and online radio stations emerge. The

cost of broadcasting has never been so low. Everybody with a PC and an Internet

connection can not only access all traditional media from all over the world, but also the

micro-content added to the media landscape by individuals. Millions of people have evolved

from being mere media consumers to being media producers as well.

What is User Generated Content?

User Generated Content (UGC), also known as consumer-generated media (CGM), refers to

any material created and uploaded to the Internet by non-media professionals, whether it’s a

comment left on, a professional-quality video uploaded to YouTube, or a

student’s profile on Facebook. UGC has been around in one form or another since the earliest

days of the Internet itself. But in the past five years, thanks to the growing availability of high-

speed Internet access and search technology, it has become one of the dominant forms of

global media. It is currently one of the fastest growing forms of content on the Internet.

What is Social Media?

The promise of UGC is now being hyper-realized with social media. Sites like MySpace,

Facebook, and You-Tube represent the convergence of user commentary with video, photos,

and music sharing, all presented in a simple, user-friendly format, allowing participation on a

mass scale.

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