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(4) 偏印偏印偏印偏印 (Pian Yin – Indirect Resources)六亲方面, 代表女命之母亲, 男命之祖父, 或侵族长辈, 或意外的帮助力量.
In term of relationship, female chart represent mother, male chart represent grandfather or elderly or

unexpected helper.偏印的才能较偏重于计划性, 及独创性或设计方面, 正印生活恬适淡泊, 偏印生性离群孤独.
Pian Yin very good at planning, design and creativity, Zheng Yin natural disposition lead a simple life, Pian

Yin natural disposition is lonely and solitary. 凡带偏印之格局者, 其学艺偏精, 纵然其学识不丰, 也能凭其智慧, 领悟力特强, 所学之事, 必能事半功倍.
Those with Pian Yin in the chart, like to learn all the funny skill, better than the teacher, good at grasping,

learn thing give up half way. 命带偏印的人, 对事务之敏感度颇高, 故从事调查, 侦讯, 情报等工作较擅长, 因其机智特强, 临机应变令人钦佩.
Person with Pian Yin in the chart, high sensitivity in his work, would like to investigate, good at

intelligence type of work, quick witted and resourceful, good at act according to circumstances. 偏印格的人具有独创性的优秀才华, 但常常会过高评价自己, 与别人相处,常常会格格不入, 但如能反省这些缺点, 发挥上天所赋予特殊, 奔放的才能, 也有可能在人生旅途中, 成大功, 立大业.
Pian Yin chart type person have outstanding artistic talent but most of the time will think highly of

themselves, therefore very difficult to get along with people, if can overcome such thinking, can benefit

from one’s talent and become high achiever. 食神格带偏印, 易遭灾祸, 性格也会变得酷薄无情.
Eating God chart type with Pian Yin, easy to meet up with disaster, then character will become cruel,

ruthless and merciless.日时偏印过多, 需注意晚年时易陷于孤独寂寞.
Day and Hour Pillar Pian Yin too much, will be lonely in the old age.女命如果偏印较重, 还会与子息无缘, 严重的话, 尚有刑克.
Female chart with heavy Pian Yin, no fate with children, serious matter is those with Punishment.因为女命以食伤为生殖机能及表示子息, 这种现象, 也要视格局制化情况, 如制化得宜, 不必有此担忧.
This is because in Female chart Eating God and Hurting Officer are output which show the ability to

produce offspring, this type of phenomena also depends on the entire chart circumstances, therefore no need

to worry too much. 偏印的象征有:
Pian Yin stands for:一. 喜欢往偏业发展 (如宗教, 玄术, 灵学, 特殊技艺等),也容易获得成就.
1. Would like to develop in unconventional knowledge (religion, black art, spiritual study, special art),

easily obtain good results.二. 常有是非现象, 且口说难辩.
2. Always like to be in confrontation, always like to argue三. 常有自己不想承担或做的事, 有受逼的现象, 且不得不做, 身不由己.
3. Don’t want to take up responsibility, have the drive to things and not much of an option. 四. 有多事之烦恼, 难以应付.
4. a lot of worry some that hard to deal with.

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