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Index of Living and Fossil Echinoids

By Andreas KROH1

Manuscript submitted on November 20th 2009,
the revised manuscript on January 21st 2010


All new taxa of fossil and living echinoids described from 1971 to 2008 are listed with their age,
geographic and stratigraphic occurrence, repository of type material and bibliographic citation.

Keywords: Echinodermata, Echinoidea, bibliography, species list, type material.


Comprehensive listings of living and fossil echinoids for the species and genera estab-
lished before 1970 were published by LAMBERT & THIÉRY (1909-25) and KIER & LAWSON
(1978) respectively. KIER & LAWSON’s supplement for the years 1971-75 to their “Index of
Living and Fossil Echinoids 1924-1970” has never been published. More than thirty years
have passed since the latter publication and although the advent of information technology
and the internet has made taxonomic research much easier, a comprehensive, up-to-date
resource for echinoid species is still missing. At genus-level though, echinoids are de-
scribed in detail in Andrew SMITH’s Echinoid Directory (
curation/research/projects/echinoid-directory/index.html), an indispensible resource for
anyone working with this group.

This list was prepared utilizing a variety of resources, printed and online. The bulk of taxa
was located by culling the current echinoderm literature for new taxa and by cross check-
ing this list with the Zoological Record. Citations before 1971 are included if they were
absent in LAMBERT & THIÉRY (1909-25) and KIER & LAWSON (1978).

In every case the original paper was consulted and checked for species that might have
been missed. Where possible, information on the type material and its repository has been
included in this index. No attempt has been made to revise the taxonomic assignment of the
species. This index strictly follows the classification of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleon-
tology, even where I disagree with it. Higher-level taxa are also included in this index.
1 Natural History Museum Vienna, Department of Geology & Palaeontology, Burgring 7, 1010 Vienna, Aus-

tria; e-mail: [email protected]

Ann. Naturhist. Mus. Wien, Serie A 195-470 Wien, Juni 2010112

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Information in this index is presented in the following way:
Family Name author, Date

Genus Name author, Date
Time horizon

G. species author, Date: pages-pages; fig. x; pl. x: figs x-x. [Formation Fm., Local-
ity, Region, Country] (Geological age) <HT(Holotype): ABBREvIATED INSTITu-
TIoN Specimen No.; PT(Paratype/s): ABBREvIATED INSTITuTIoN Specimen No.>


Special thanks to Mike reich, Loïc ViLLier, and the librarians Andrea KourgLi, Wolfgang brunn-
bauer and Helga schmitz for their help in locating even the most obscure papers. Johanna Ko-
Var-eder, Inesa VisLoboKoVa, and oleg mandic helped translating Russian papers. Wenyu wu
provided translations of Chinese texts.

Stephen K. donoVan, John W.M. Jagt, Mathias harzhauser, Gudrun höcK, Christine LataL,
Kenneth mcnamara, Rich mooi, James H. nebeLsicK, Edeltraud Preis, Werner E. PiLLer, ortwin
schuLtz, Andrew B. smith, Herbert summesberger, and numerous other persons helped in various
ways during the preparation of this paper.

This research was supported by the Austrian Science Foundation, project No. P-14366-Bio to
Werner E. PiLLer (University of Graz) and the SYNTHESYS Project (http://www.synthesys.
info/) which is financed by European Community Research Infrastructure Action under the FP 6
“Structuring the European Research Area” Programme.

HT: Holotype

PT: Paratype/s

LT: Lectotype

PLT: Paralectotype/s

ST: Syntype/s

NT: Neotype

AM Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia

AMNH American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY, uSA

ANSP Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

ANu Department of Geology, Australian National university, Canberra

196 Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien, Serie A 112

Page 138

332 Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien, Serie A 112


E. schweinfurthi devriesi amard, coLLignon & roman, 1983: 110-112; fig. 11-12; pl.
17, figs 7-16. [Ed Dahna, Tademait oriental, Algeria] (Early Paleocene) <HT: MNHN
1975-15 AB 709-21>.

order Holasteroida durham & meLViLLe, 1957

Genus Smithiaster BARRAS, 2007

Smithiaster barras, 2007: 158; figs 5a, b; pl. 2: figs 8a-c. Type-species: Dysaster loryi
gras, 1852. [France & North Africa] (Oxfordian to Kimmeridgian, Late Jurassic)
{stem group holasteroid}.

Family Collyritidae d’orbigny, 1853

Genus Collyrites DESMOULINS, 1835

Middle Jurassic

C. analis dimota ViaLoV, 1945: 468-469; figs a-e. [Balkhan Mt., Western Turkmenistan]
(Callovian, Jurassic) <HT: coll’n vasiljevski, current repositroy unknown>.

C. cheveti Vadet, nicoLLeau & Pineau, 1998: 55-56; 1 fig., pl. 17. [l’Assise de Carreaux,
environs de Mortagne au Perche, Sarthe, France] (Callovian) <HT: V 5124; Type se-
ries: V 3830-31, 5123, 5126-5132>.

Genus Collyropsis GAUTHIER, 1896


C. ovoides deVriès, 1972: 46-47; pl. 2: figs 7-12. [Sierra de Crevilente, Province Ali-
cante, Spain] (Albian, Late Cretaceous) <ST: coll. J. Azema, Paris [no specimen no.


C. ultimus soLoVJeV, 1971: 63-64; fig. 28а-б; pl. 10, figs 2а-б, 3а-в. [Kutsky, SE Crimea,
Ukraine] (Berriasian, Early Cretaceous) <HT: PIN 2282/1>.

Page 139

Kroh: Index of Living and Fossil Echinoids 1971-2008 333

Genus Orbignyana Ebray, 1860

Late Jurassic

O. cordiformis deVriès, 1972: 43-45; pl. 1: figs 1-5; pl. 3: figs 1-8. [northern slope of
Puig Santa Magdalena, north-east of Novelda, Province Alicante, Spain] (Late Kim-
meridgian/Tithonian) <HT (by monotypy): coll. J. Azema, Paris, no. 750>.

Genus Pyrgorhytis PomEl, 1883


P. klairi Vadet & rémy, 2004: 17-19; 8 unnumbered figs on pp. 18-19. [Calcaire gréseux
à oolithes ferrugineuses, environs de Sedan, Ardennes, France] (sauzei zone, Early
Bajocian) <HT. Rémy coll. 972; PT: Rémy coll. 817-818, 922-924, 971, 1006-1009;
Vadet coll. 6262-6274, 6278-6284>.

P. magnus soLoVJeV, 1971: 47; pl. 2, figs 3а-в, 4а-г. [Janysharsky Horizon, Kara-Dag
(Kordonnaya Balka), SE Crimea, Ukraine] (Middle Callovian) <HT: PIN 2275/5>.

Genus Tetraromania soloVJEV, 1971

Tetraromania soLoVJeV, 1971: 64. Type-species: Dysaster ovulum desor, 1842. [Ukraine]
(Berriasian to Barremian) {other species included: Collyrites jaccardi desor, 1869}.

Subfamily Collyropsinae soLoVJeV, 1966

Collyropsinae soLoVJeV, 1966: 45-46. Type-genus: Collyropsis gauthier, 1896.

Family Disasteridae gras, 1848

Genus Metaporinus L. agassiz, 1844

Middle Jurassic

M. drogiacus robert, 1991: 22; pl. 5. [Calcaires à chailles; Brétignelles, près Druyes,
Dept. Yonne, France] (Antecedens subzone, Plicatilis zone, Middle oxfordian) <HT:
Philippe Robert coll’n No. 604> {based on an internal mould; re-described in rob-
ert (1994: 54; pl. 6: figs 2, 10); original paper not seen, based on data in robert

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waechteri, Braunechinus 277
waechteri, Cidaris 277
waiwulunemsis, Astriclypeus 304
waldroni, Remondella 300
Washitaster japonicus 363
Waurnia 376
Waurnia nelsoni 376
wayensis, Hemiaster 358
weaveri, riamaster 298
wehrlii, Nannoglyphus 269
wehrlii, Zeuglopleurus 269
westlakei, Micraster 378
wetmorei, Encope 302
whatleyensis, Archaeocidaris 210
willeibi, Orthopsis 278
Willungaster 289, 290
Willungaster scutellaris 290, 291
wilmingtonensis, Salenia 245
wilmingtonica inflata, Agassizia

(Anisaster) 367
wilsoni, Echinocyamus 292
wilsoni, Eupatagus 385
Wissmannechinus 277
Wissmannechinus haussmanni 277
wizrensis, Fibularia 293
wizrensis, Temnotrema 270
wrighti, Allomma 255
wrightii, Chesniericidaris 217
wrightii, Cidaris 217
xanthe, Lissocidaris 223
xinjiangensis, Macropneustes (Deakia) 386
xishaensis, Temnotrema 270
yadongensis, Echinolampas 319
yadongensis, Ovulechinus 286
yamamaensis, Pygurus 310
yangi, Palaechinus 208
yeliuensis, Astriclypeus 303
yeliuensis, Echinodiscus 304
yeni, Clypeaster 289
yingkoensis, Clypeaster 289
Zardinechinus 224, 276, 277
Zardinechinus giulinii 224
Zardinechinus lancedelli 224
Zardinechinus pulchellus 224
Zardinechinus regularis 224
Zardinechinus stanleyi 225
zardinia, Levicidaris 225

Zardinitiaris 276
Zardinitiaris flexuosa 276
Zbindenicidaris 229, 230
Zbindenicidaris toucasi 230
Zbindenicidaris varusensis 230
zejszneri, Echinocorys 336
Zeuglopleuridae 273
Zeuglopleurus 272, 273
Zeuglopleurus dictyopleuroides 272
Zeuglopleurus wehrlii 269
zircensis, Heteraster 353
zonarius, Epiaster 352
zschokkei, Cidaris 228
zschokkei, Nenoticdaris 228
zunyii, Lovenechinus 207

KROH: Index of Living and Fossil Echinoids 1971-2008 469

Page 276

470 Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien, Serie A 112

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