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Independent Living/Self-Sufficiency
Desk Guide

Kansas Department for Children and Families

Prevention and Protection Services

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Independent Living Subsidy: PPS PPM 7230

Time limited financial plan for youth between the ages of 18 and 21, developed by youth and DCF.

Monthly subsidy at maximum step cannot exceed $350.00. Monthly amount based upon youth income, resources and need;
stepped down every six (6) months:

 Maximum Step: Months 1-6 100% of subsidy based on need (PPS 7000A)

 80% Step: Months 7-12, 80% of initial subsidy amount

 70% Step: Months 13-18, 70% of initial subsidy amount

 60% Step: Months 19-24, 60% of initial subsidy amount

 50% Step: Months 25 up to 36, 50 % of initial subsidy amount

Eligibility requirements:

 Custody on or after 18th birthday

 Eligible out of home placement

 No longer served by CWCBS provider, JJA or tribal authority

 Identified education or employment plan

 Mentor or Community Advisor

 Gross Monthly earnings less than $1,500

 Apply for Foster Care Medical Card Extension Program

 Youth responsible for maintenance and expenses of living setting

Independent Living Subsidy may be sent directly to youth or mentor/community advisor as agreed to by all parties.
Youth not eligible for IL Subsidy if receiving ETV which covers room/board or housing.

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One Time Start Up Costs: PPS PPM 7236

Must meet same eligibility as Independent Living Subsidy.

One time maximum payment of $500.00 for life of the case allowed for:

• utility deposits

• furniture

• appliances

• household supplies

One time maximum payment of $500.00 for life of the case allowed for:

• rent deposit

• first month’s rent

Rent paid directly to the landlord.

Room/Board paid directly to youth for payment to landlord.

Not eligible if receiving room/board through ETV.

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What Youth Want Their Workers to Know:

• Believe In Me

• Treat Me With Fairness, Respect & Equality

• Acknowledge My Differences

• Recognize My Changes

• Hear My Voice

• Consistent & Clear Expectations

• Talk to Me Frequently

• You Are Important To Me

• Help Me Be Prepared

• Get to Know Me

Created by The Voices of Youth in Care

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KYAC 2006

Independent Living/Self-Sufficiency Services

July 2012

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