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TitleIn Tune with the Infiniteor, Fullness of Peace, Power, and Plenty by Trine, Ralph Waldo, 1866-1958
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not which way to turn, the fault lies in ourselves. If the fault lies in
ourselves then the correction of this unnatural condition lies also in
ourselves. It is never necessary to come into such a state if we are
awake and remain awake to the light and the powers within us. The light
is ever shining, and the only thing that it is necessary for us
diligently to see to is that we permit neither this thing nor that to
come between us and the light. "With Thee is the fountain of life; in
Thy light shall we see light."

Let us hear the words of one of the most highly illumined men I have ever
known, and one who as a consequence is never in the dark, when the time
comes, as to what to do and how to do it. "Whenever you are in doubt as
to the course you should pursue, after you have turned to every outward
means of guidance, _let the inward eye see, let the inward ear hear_, and
allow this simple, natural, beautiful process to go on unimpeded by
questionings or doubts. . . . In all dark hours and times of unwonted
perplexity we need to follow one simple direction, found, as all needed
directions can be found, in the dear old gospel, which so many read, but
alas, _so few interpret_. 'Enter into thine inner chamber and shut the
door.' Does this mean that we must literally betake ourselves to a
private closet with a key in the door? If it did, then the command could
never be obeyed in the open air, on land or sea, and the Christ loved the
lakes and the forests far better than the cramping rooms of city dwelling
houses; still his counsels are so wide-reaching that there is no spot on
earth and no conceivable situation in which any of us may be placed where
we cannot follow them.

"One of the most intuitive men we ever met had a desk in a city office
where several other gentlemen were doing business constantly and often
talking loudly. Entirely undisturbed by the many various sounds about
him, this self-centred, faithful man would, in any moment of perplexity,
draw the curtains of privacy so completely about him that he would be as
fully enclosed in his own psychic aura, and thereby as effectually
removed from all distractions as though he were alone in some primeval
wood. Taking his difficulty with him into the mystic silence in the form
of a direct question, to which he expected a certain answer, he would
remain utterly passive until the reply came, and never once through many
years' experience did he find himself disappointed or misled. Intuitive
perceptions of truth are the daily bread to satisfy our daily hunger;
they come like the manna in the desert day by day; each day brings
adequate supply for that day's need only. They must be followed
instantly, for dalliance with them means their obscuration, and the more
we dally the more we invite erroneous impressions to cover intuition with
a pall of conflicting moral phantasy born of illusions of the terrence

"One condition is imposed by _universal law_, and this we must obey. Put
all wishes aside save the one desire to know _truth_; couple with this
one demand the fully consecrated determination to follow what is
distinctly perceived as truth immediately it is revealed. No other
affection must be permitted to share the field with this all-absorbing
love of _truth_ for its own sake. Obey this one direction and never
forget that expectation and desire are bride and bridegroom and forever
inseparable, and you will soon find your hitherto darkened way grow
luminous with celestial radiance, for with the heaven within, all heavens
without incessantly co-operate." This may be termed going into the
"silence." This it is to perceive and to be guided by the light that
lighteth every man that cometh into the world. This it is to listen to

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and be guided by the voice of your own soul, the voice of your higher

The soul is divine and in allowing it to become translucent to the
Infinite Spirit it reveals all things to us. As man turns away from the
Divine Light do all things become hidden. There is nothing hidden of
itself. When the spiritual sense is opened, then it transcends all the
limitations of the physical senses and the intellect. And in the degree
that we are able to get away from the limitations set by them, and
realize that so far as the real life is concerned it is one with the
Infinite Life, then we begin to reach the place where this voice will
always speak, where it will never fail us, if we follow it, and as a
consequence where we will always have the divine illumination and
guidance. To know this and to live in this realization is not to live in
heaven hereafter, but to live in heaven here and now, _today and every

No human soul need be without it. When we turn our face in the right
direction it comes as simply and as naturally as the flower blooms and
the winds blow. It is not to be bought with money or with price. It is
a condition waiting simply to be realized, by rich and by poor, by king
and by peasant, by master and by servant the world over. All are equal
heirs to it. And so the peasant, if he find it first, lives a life far
transcending in beauty and in real power the life of his king. The
servant, if he find it first, lives a life surpassing the life of his

If you would find the highest, the fullest, and the richest life that not
only this world but that any world can know, then do away with the sense
of the separateness of your life from the life of God. Hold to the
thought of your oneness. In the degree that you do this you will find
yourself realizing it more and more, and as this life of realization is
lived, you will find that no good thing will be withheld, for all things
are included in this. Then it will be yours, without fears or
forebodings, simply to do today what your hands find to do, and so be
ready for tomorrow, _when it comes_, knowing that tomorrow will bring
tomorrow's supplies for the mental, the spiritual, and the physical life.
Remember, however, that tomorrow's supplies are not needed until tomorrow

If one is willing to trust himself _fully_ to the Law, the Law will never
fail him. It is the half-hearted trusting to it that brings uncertain,
and so, unsatisfactory results. Nothing is firmer and surer than Deity.
It will never fail the one who throws himself wholly upon it. The secret
of life then, is to live continually in this realization, whatever one
may be doing, wherever one may be, by day and by night, both waking and
sleeping. It can be lived in while we are sleeping no less than when we
are awake. And here shall we consider a few facts in connection with
sleep, in connection with receiving instruction and illumination while

During the process of sleep it is merely the physical body that is at
rest and in quiet; the soul life with all its activities goes right on.
Sleep is nature's provision for the recuperation of the body, for the
rebuilding and hence the replacing of the waste that is continually going
on during the waking hours. It is nature's great restorer. If
sufficient sleep is not allowed the body, so that the rebuilding may

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