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Table of Contents
                            IMH: Table of Contents
	IMH: Section 0 — Introduction
	IMH: Section 1 — Explosives and Propellants (including igniters)
	IMH: Section 2 — Mines and Grenades
	IMH: Section 3 — Small Arms Weapons and Ammunition
	IMH: Section 4 — Mortars and Rockets
	IMH: Section 5 — Incendiary Devices
	IMH: Section 6 — Fuses, Detonators & Delay Mechanisms
	IMH: Section 7 — Miscellaneous
	IMH: Appendix 1 — Primary High Explosives
	IMH: Appendix 2 — Secondary High Explosives
	IMH: Colophon
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TM 31-210
Department of the Army Technical Manual


(Improvised Explosive Devices or IEDs)

Headquarters, Department of the Army
1969 – original publication

2007 – Thanks-to-Feinstein's Electronic Edition (v3.0)

Page 2

Improvised Munitions Handbook (Improvised Explosive Devices or IEDs)

Table of Contents
Section 0 — Introduction

0.1 Purpose and Scope

0.2 Safety and Reliability

0.3 User Comments

Section 1 — Explosives and Propellants (including igniters)

1.1 Plastic Explosive Filler

1.2 Potassium Nitrate

1.3 Improvised Black Powder

1.4 Nitric Acid

1.5 Initiator for Dust Explosions

1.6 Fertilizer Explosive

1.7 Carbon Tet – Explosive

1.8 Fertilizer AN-Al Explosive

1.9 “Red or White Powder” Propellant

1.10 Nitric Acid/Nitrobenzene (“Hellhoffite”) Explosive

1.11 Optimized Process for Cellulose/Acid Explosives

1.12 Methyl Nitrate Dynamite

1.13 Urea Nitrate Explosive

1.14 Preparation of Copper Sulfate (Pentahydrate)

1.15 Reclamation of RDX from C4

1.16 TACC (Tetramminecopper (II) Chlorate)

1.17 HMTD

1.18 Potassium or Sodium Nitrite and Litharge (Lead Monoxide)

1.19 DDNP

1.20 Preparation of Lead Picrate

1.21 Preparation of Picric Acid from Aspirin

1.22 Double Salts

1.23 Sodium Chlorate

1.24 Mercury Fulminate

Page 136

4. Cut coupling length to allow barrel of weapon to thread fully into low signature system. Barrel
should butt against end of the drilled pipe nipple.

5. Separate the top half of the grenade container
from the bottom half.

6. Insert the pipe nipple in the drilled hole at the
base of the bottom half of container. Pack the
absorbent cotton inside the container and around
the pipe nipple.

7. Pack the absorbent cotton in top half of grenade container leaving hole in center. Assemble container
to the bottom half.

8. Thread the other coupling onto the pipe nipple.

Note: A longer container and pipe nipple, with same “A” and “B” dimensions as those given, will

Page 272

255 nitroglycerine nitroglycerin (c) [2 occurrences]

(a)For consistency with other occurrences of the same phrase.
(b)This corrects an inaccurate conversion in v2.0 from U.S. weights and measures to the metric
(c)Although both spellings are correct, the change was made for consistency with other occurrences
of the same word.
(d)For consistency with the rest of the handbook, the abbreviation cc was changed to milliliters.
(e)The procedure was misnumbered in v2.0.
(f)Sections 13 and 14 of the v2.0 reprint were renamed Appendix 1 and 2 in v3.0. (There were no
sections 8 through 12 in v2.0.) Sections 13 and 14 of v2.0 had different typefaces and layouts from
the rest of the book. These discrepancies suggest that sections 13 and 14 were copied from a
different source and bound into v2.0.

Abbreviations expanded in v3.0

Original abbreviation in IMH v2.0 Expanded abbreviation in IMH v3.0
" (double quote) inch or inches
Cal. caliber
KM km
Nom. nominal
approx. approximately
conc. concentration
fps feet per second
ft. foot or feet
gm gram or grams
gms grams
in. inch or inches
lb. pound or pounds
min. minute or minutes
No. number
oz. ounce
psi pounds per square inch
qt. quart
sec. second or seconds
sp. gr. specific gravity
sq. square
yds. yards

C.2 Copyright Information

This work is in the public domain. The original work was created by U.S. Federal Government
employees in their official capacity. Therefore by United States Code, title 17, section 105, it is not
subject to copyright.

This electronic edition is anti-dedicated to U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein who authored a federal law

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