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Table of Contents
Important Chapter Guidelines
Chapter: Simplification & Approximaiton
	Solved Examples (Simplification & Approximation)
	Practice Set-1 (Simplification & Approximation)
	Practice Set-2 (Simplification & Approximaiton)
	Simplification & Approximaiton Averages Practice Set-1 (Answers)
	Simplification & Approximaiton Averages Practice Set-2 (Answers)
Chapter: Number Series
	Solved Examples (Number Series)
	Practice Set (Number Series)
	Number Series Practice Set (Answers)
Chapter: Number System
	Solved Examples (Number System)
	Practice Set-1 (Number System)
	Practice Set-2 (Number System)
	Number System Practice Set-1 (Answers)
	Number System Practice Set-2 (Answers)
Chapter: Ratio, Proportion & Alligation
	Solved Examples (Ratio, Proportion & Alligation)
	Practice Set-1 (Ratio, Proportion & Alligation)
	Practice Set-2 (Ratio, Proportion & Alligation)
	Ratio, Proportion & Alligation Practice Set-1 (Answers)
	Ratio, Proportion & Alligation Practice Set-2 (Answers)
Chapter: Averages
	Solved Examples (Averages)
	Practice Set (Averages)
	Averages Practice Set (Answers)
Chapter: Percentages, Partnership and Share
	Solved Examples (Percentages, Partnership and Share)
	Practice Set-1 (Percentages, Partnership and Share)
	Practice Set-2 (Percentages, Partnership and Share)
	Percentages, Partnership and Share Practice Set-1 (Answers)
	Percentages, Partnership and Share Practice Set-2 (Answers)
Chapter: Profit & Loss
	Solved Examples (Profit & Loss)
	Practice Set (Profit & Loss)
	Profit & Loss Practice Set (Answers)
Chapter: Simple Interest & Compound Interest
	Solved Examples (Simple Interest & Compound Interest)
	Practice Set (Simple Interest & Compound Interest)
	Simple Interest & Compound Interest Practice Set (Answers)
Chapter: Time and Work
	Solved Examples (Time and Work)
	Practice Set (Time and Work)
	Averages Practice Set (Time and Work)
Chapter: Speed Distance & Time
	Solved Examples (Speed Distance & Time)
	Practice Set (Speed Distance & Time)
	Speed Distance & Time Practice Set (Answers)
Chapter: Mensuration
	Solved Examples (Mensuration)
	Practice Set (Mensuration)
	Mensuration Practice Set (Answers)
Chapter: Permutations, Combinations & Probability
	Solved Examples (Permutations, Combinations & Probability)
	Practice Set-1 (Permutations, Combinations & Probability)
	Practice Set-2 (Permutations, Combinations & Probability)
	Permutations, Combinations & Probability Practice Set-1 (Answers)
	Permutations, Combinations & Probability Practice Set-2 (Answers)
Chapter: Data Interpretation
Chapter: Data Interpretation-Table Chart
	Solved Examples (Data Interpretation-Table Chart)
	Practice Set (Data Interpretation-Table Chart)
	Data Interpretation-Table Chart Practice Set (Answers)
Chapter: Data Interpretation-Line Graphs
	Solved Examples (Data Interpretation-Line Graphs)
	Practice Set (Data Interpretation-Line Graphs)
	Data Interpretation-Line Graphs Practice Set (Answers)
Chapter: Data Interpretation-Bar Graphs
	Solved Examples (Data Interpretation-Bar Graphs)
	Practice Set (Data Interpretation-Bar Graphs)
	Data Interpretation-Bar Graphs Practice Set (Answers)
Chapter: Data Interpretation-Pie Diagram
	Solved Examples (Data Interpretation-Pie Diagram)
	Practice Set (Data Interpretation-Pie Diagram)
	Data Interpretation- Pie Diagram Practice Set (Answers)
Chapter: Data Interpretation-Case lets
	Solved Examples (Data Interpretation-Caselets)
	PracticeSet-(Data Interpretation- Caselets)
	Data Interpretation-Caselets Practice Set (Answers)
	Solved Examples (Data Interpretation-Miscellaneous)
	Practice Set (Data Interpretation-Miscellaneous)
	Data Interpretation-Miscellaneous Practice Set (Answers)

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