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TitleHTML 4 for Dummies (ISBN - 0764589172)
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Table of Contents
                            HTML 4 For Dummies, 5th Edition
	About the Authors
	Authors’ Acknowledgments
	Contents at a Glance
	Table of Contents
		About This Book
		How to Use This Book
		Three Presumptuous Assumptions
		How This Book Is Organized
		Icons Used in This Book
		Where to Go from Here
	Part I: Getting to Know (X) HTML
		Chapter 1: The Least You Need to Know about HTML and the Web
			Web Pages in Their Natural Habitat
			Anatomy of a URL
			(X) HTML’s Component Parts
			Parts Is Parts: What Web Pages Are Made Of
		Chapter 2: Creating and Viewing a Web Page
			Before You Get Started
			Creating a Page from Scratch
			Editing an Existing Web Page
			Posting Your Page Online
		Chapter 3: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Page Performance
			Planning Your Site
			Hosting Your Web Site
	Part II: Formatting Web Pages with (X) HTML
		Chapter 4: Creating (X) HTML Document Structure
			Establishing a Document Structure
			Labeling Your (X) HTML Document
			Adding a Document Header
			Creating the (X) HTML Document Body
			Marvelous Miscellany
		Chapter 5: Text and Lists
			Formatting Text
			Controlling Text Blocks
			Organizing Information
			Text Controls and Annotation
			Marvelous Miscellany
		Chapter 6: Linking to Online Resources
			Basic Links
			Customizing Links
			Marvelous Miscellany
		Chapter 7: Finding and Using Images
			The Role of Images in a Web Page
			Creating Web-Friendly Images
			Adding an Image to a Web Page
			Images That Link
			Marvelous Miscellany
	Part III: Taking Precise Control Over Web Pages
		Chapter 8: Introducing Cascading Style Sheets
			Advantages of Style Sheets
			CSS Structure and Syntax
			Using Different Kinds of Style Sheets
			Understanding the Cascade
		Chapter 9: Using Cascading Style Sheets
			Managing Layout, Positioning, and Appearance
			Marvelous Miscellany
		Chapter 10: Getting Creative with Colors and Fonts
			Color Values
			Color Definitions
		Chapter 11: Using Tables for Stunning Pages
			What Tables Can Do for You
			Table Basics
			Sketching Your Table
			Constructing Basic Tables
			Adding Spans
			Populating Table Cells
			Testing Your Table
			Table-Making Tips
			Marvelous Miscellany
	Part IV: Integrating Scripts with HTML
		Chapter 12: Scripting Web Pages
			What JavaScript Can Do for Your Pages
		Chapter 13: The Nuts and Bolts of JavaScript
			Including Scripts in Web Pages
			Using the Same Script on Multiple Pages
			Exploring the JavaScript Language
			Events and Event Handling
			Document Object Model (DOM)
			Marvelous Miscellany
			References and Resources
		Chapter 14: Working with Forms
			Uses for Forms
			Creating Forms
			Processing Data
			Designing User-Friendly Forms
			Marvelous Miscellany
		Chapter 15: Fun with Client-Side Scripts
			Adding Rollovers to Your Pages
			Displaying Dynamic Content on Your Page
			Displaying Pop-up Windows
			Working with Cookies
			Marvelous Miscellany
	Part V: HTML Projects
		Chapter 16: The About Me Page
			Overview and Design Considerations
			Page Markup
		Chapter 17: The eBay Auction Page
			Designing Your Auction Page
			Presentation Issues to Consider
			Using a Template for Presenting Your Auction Item
		Chapter 18: A Company Site
			Issues to Consider When Designing Your Site
			Basic Elements of a Company’s Web Site
		Chapter 19: A Product Catalog
			Dissecting a Product Catalog
			Choosing a Shopping Cart
			Page Markup
	Part VI: The Part of Tens
		Chapter 20: Ten Cool HTML Tools
			HTML Editors
			Graphics Tools
			Link Checkers
			HTML Validators
			FTP Clients
			Swiss Army Knives
		Chapter 21: Ten HTML Do’s and Don’ts
			Concentrate on Content
			Go Easy on the Graphics, Bells, Whistles, and Hungry Dinosaurs
			Create Well-Formulated HTML and Test
			Keep It Interesting After It’s Built!
		Chapter 22: Ten Ways to Exterminate Web Bugs
			Avoid Dead Ends and Spelling Faux Pas
			Keep Your Perishables Fresh!
			Check Your Site, and Then Check It Again!
			Let User Feedback Feed Your Site
	Part VII: Appendixes
		Appendix A: Deprecated (X) HTML Elements and Attributes
		Appendix B: Shorthand and Aural CSS Properties
		Appendix C: Glossary
Document Text Contents
Page 1

by Ed Tittel and Mary C. Burmeister




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Page 2

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Page 217

Figure 11-8:


the width of
the border.

Figure 11-7:


the space

within each

197Chapter 11: Using Tables for Stunning Pages

17_589172 ch11.qxd 4/22/05 3:39 PM Page 197

Page 218

Working with cellpadding and cellspacing to get your table layout just right
can be a bit of a headache. Sometimes you need to create empty cells to help
control layout. Although this trick is a bit of a workaround, many designers
use it. You just

1. Create a cell.

2. Fill the cell with either

• <br />

• A spacer image (a transparent .gif that is 1 x 1 pixel) with which
you can manipulate the width

You can use CSS to control cell padding and spacing between cells.

Within cells
To control the padding within cells, you use the padding property, like so:

selector {padding: value;}

The value for the padding property must be defined by an absolute or rela-
tive length, or percentage.

To set the padding of a table cell, use the following style declaration:

td {padding: 10px;}

The padding property can be used with most (X)HTML elements. For example,
if you created a footer and assigned it a class name, you can define padding for
the element using the following style rule:

.footer { padding: 5px;}

Between cells
You can control the spacing between your cells using the border-spacing

selector {border-spacing: value;}

The value for the border-spacing property must be defined by an absolute
or relative length, or percentage:

To set the padding of a table cell, use the following style declaration:

td {padding: 10px;}

198 Part III: Taking Precise Control Over Web Pages

17_589172 ch11.qxd 4/22/05 3:39 PM Page 198

Page 433

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