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8) The If-Then Bullet.
In this bullet type, you’re giving the prospect something easy for
him or her to do or comply with, and you’re associating it to a more
valuable benefit.

For example:

• If you can spare 10 minutes a day, you can lose five pounds a

• If you can send or receive e-mail, then you can learn to make

stock trades online in total safety.
You can also use this type of bullet as a qualifier:
• If you are over the age of 50 and have found it difficult to get

life insurance, these three simple questions will often get you
approved for a life insurance application.

Even though we’re just going through twenty-one bullet types,
I hope you can see that you can take each of these bullet types and
mix them up and combine them in different ways. You really have
hundreds of possible types of bullets you can use, so you’re never again
stuck for creativity.

You can always come back to this list and ask yourself, “What
‘wrong’ bullets can I write? What themed sequence bullets could I write?
What two-step bullets could I write? What giveaway? What reverse
hook? How can I write a naked benefit bullet?”

Some of them may duplicate one another and cross over, but that’s
okay, because you’re expressing the same ideas in different ways. Then
you can whittle these down to fine-tune your copy.

So remember when you’re going through your bullet writing
exercise, don’t edit while you’re writing—just write. If you sat down

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How to Write Bullet Points | 73

and wrote five bullets for each type, then you would have 105 bullets to
choose from for your copy.

9) The “Truth About” Bullet.
This works especially well with any controversial question or issue that
is hotly debated. Find an issue where the controversy is well-known in
your market. For instance, in the weight loss market you could write
about carbohydrates. As one of your bullet points in your weight loss
product copy, you can say, “The truth about carbohydrates - and chances
are, it’s not what you think it is.”

That’s a great example of a polarized topic: the role carbohydrates
play and how you should manage them in your diet. You can polarize
people and catch their interest, whichever side of the issue they may fall
upon, simply by using the “truth about” bullet.

10) The “Single Most” Bullet.
Use this type of bullet when you have a superior benefit that you can
prove. Exercise a little bit of caution with this, because you want to
make sure you truly do have the superior benefit and that you really
can prove it.

If you have the fastest, easiest, and lowest risk way of lowering your
blood pressure, then you should boldly say so: “The single fastest, easiest,
and best way of lowering your blood pressure documented and approved
by the American Medical Association.”

Of course I don’t know what that is; I’m making that copy up. (I
wish I knew what it was; I could make a fortune!)

Just make sure you actually have the “single most” whatever-it-is
you’re touting. This is an effective way to talk about it. I guarantee if
your product is the superior product in its category, you’ll have the
opportunity to use at least three or four “single most” bullets within
your overall copy.

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